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Peruvian judge in Keiko Fujimori corruption case rejects call to return her to prison

LIMA (Reuters) – A Peruvian judge on Monday declined a prosecutor’s request to return presidential election candidate Keiko Fujimori to remand prison for allegedly failing to comply with her bail conditions over charges of money laundering and corruption she faces. Fujimori, the eldest daughter of the imprisoned former president Alberto...
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With election fraud claims, Peru’s Keiko Fujimori takes a page from the Trump playbook. She’s not alone.

LIMA — In the face of a deficit of tens of thousands of votes in a close count following Peru’s June 6 presidential election, Keiko Fujimori, the 46-year-old doyen of a right-wing political dynasty, declined to concede. Instead, she has appeared to take a page from former president Donald Trump’s playbook, levying unsubstantiated accusations of fraud.

Elections 2021 Mario Vargas Losa: Francisco Chagasti “Ms Fujimori never tried to influence me to accept the election results” | Keiko Fujimori nndc | Politics

View: Francisco Sagasti confirmed that Vargas had contacted Losa in an effort to maintain “peace and quiet.”. The novelist pointed out that the relationship with the head of state was “good” and functionalVery carefully“Avoid creating pressure on”Intermediaries“Who was contacted last Sunday, June 6, to call on the two presidential candidates to calm down after the election.

Keiko Fujimori rejects Odebrecht’s “absurd” request to return to prison for money laundering

Peruvian presidential candidate Keiko Fujimori Described as “Absurd“Anti-corruption prosecutor’s request to be remanded in custody against him for allegedly violating judicial controls of the investigation being pursued for money laundering. “The most absurd of all is the reason you demand this change”, The origin of the efficient prison, Fujimori said...