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Katty Kay: Why inflation in US is bad for Ukraine

Boy, did I need to get out of the bubble. I've been in Washington DC since the invasion of Ukraine and it's distorted my perspective on America. A few days in Florida have been a healthy wake-up call. Washington is a city that's heavy on foreign policy experts. Between the...
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Katty Kay: The most exciting thing about becoming Swiss

Last year I became a Swiss citizen. It was a three-year battle of will (mine) over bureaucracy (theirs). I won. I have my grandmother to thank. I now have an elegant Swiss passport, the right to live anywhere in Europe, the theoretical chance to buy property in Switzerland and, more exciting than any of that, I have the right to vote.
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Katty Kay: The danger of wishful Western thinking

In the second episode of Volodymyr Zelensky's very funny comedy series, The Servant of the People, one of the spooky bad guys says of Zelensky's character, the newly elected President of Ukraine: "He's known for being iron clad and brave." That was the point I reached for the remote, pressed...

CAA Signs Journalist Katty Kay (EXCLUSIVE)

Click here to read the full article. CAA has signed Katty Kay, the popular author and BBC correspondent and author, and will serve as her representative for many of her ventures. The announcement comes just days after Kay rejoined the BBC after leaving last May to join Ozy Media, an ill-fated venture alleged in November to have committed securities fraud. Kay left BBC in a bid to broaden her horizons in digital and audio media, but left Ozy soon after it came under scrutiny. “I was looking forward to working with the talented young reporters but I did not expect this!”...