Katrina Law

‘NCIS’ Actor Katrina Law Joins Frank Grillo In Werewolf Horror-Thriller ‘Year 2’

Click here to read the full article. EXCLUSIVE: Katrina Law (NCIS) has signed on to star opposite Frank Grillo in the horror-thriller Year 2, from director Steven C. Miller (Line of Duty), which is heading into production this month. One year ago, in the film written by Matthew Kennedy (Inheritance), a supermoon event caused a latent gene to turn everyone exposed to the moonlight into a werewolf for one night. Millions died—and now, the supermoon is back. Law is playing the brilliant geneticist, Dr. Amy Chen, who goes on a dangerous journey with Grillo’s character to saved loved ones, against a ticking clock....

'NCIS': Who Is New Cast Member Katrina Law?

NCIS is going into its 19th season with a new agent joining the ranks. The 15th episode of Season 18 began with a massive explosion, which killed all the members of an NCIS Regional Enforcement Action Capabilities Team except one. The survivor—Special Agent Jessica Knight, played by Katrina Law—then helped the NCIS regulars find out who was responsible for the deaths of her co-workers.