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Katie Piper and Candice Brathwaite on how emotions affect their complexions

Spots, rashes and flushing can often affect your emotions, making you self-conscious or even embarrassed. But did you know that, conversely, heightened emotions can aggravate your skin, making it vulnerable to breakouts – and that this is scientifically recognised?. “It’s been shown, on a molecular level, that there are changes...
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Katie Piper: As a feminist I don’t do my hair and make-up for guys

As much as Katie Piper loves indulging in a bit of pampering while working from home, her skincare routine doesn’t come without risks. “Sometimes I put facial oil on in the day, just to give my skin a treat, but then if the Amazon delivery guy knocks on the door, I look like this crazy, oily, greasy person!” she says, laughing as she describes her typical lockdown look (we speak just before restrictions start to ease in the UK).
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Katie Piper: When things get difficult, I become stronger

Looking back on life in lockdown, Katie Piper chuckles when she considers how her spirits have soared and plummeted over the last year. “One day, you’re literally like, ‘Oh, this is nice. I’m at home. This is really lovely. I love my tracksuit’. Then the next day, you’re raging ‘Who am I?'” the 37-year-old tells me on a Zoom call from her home in London where she lives with husband Richard and daughters Belle (7) and Penelope (3).

Katie Piper: 'I get up at 5am for alone time - I love the stillness'

I get up at around 5am to have some quiet time before everyone else wakes up. I love the stillness. To sip a glass of water, take my supplements – vitamins D and E, cod liver oil and zinc – and drink a coffee alone is like a meditation. Next I do some weightlifting, via Skype with a trainer from my gym. Then I have porridge or eggs for breakfast.
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Katie Piper on her 6 must-have beauty buys, plus her best-kept skincare tip

She was recently awarded an honorary doctorate in science for her achievements in healthcare, and now the presenter and activist has launched a new line with Superdrug. True Match Liquid Foundation, £9.99, L’Oréal Paris: I’ve never found a foundation that has matched my skin tone as perfectly as this does. I use shade 2N and it gives great natural coverage, without being cakey.