Kathryn Bertine

Kathryn Bertine: A Standing Start

The following excerpt is written by Kathryn Bertine and is featured in the 2021 edition of The Road Book – available to buy now. The Road Book features nearly 900 pages packed with race reports, statistics, team profiles, infographics, trivia, and photography from the 2021 season. In addition, exclusive accounts from cycling’s biggest stars, including Tour de France and Paris-Roubaix winners Tadej Pogačar and Lizzie Deignan, sit alongside contributions from the cream of cycling writers and journalists.
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The Triathlete Hour Podcast: Kathryn Bertine Fights the Good Fight

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Kathryn Bertine has rarely met a challenge she couldn’t overcome. As Steve Friedman

Wrote in the September 2016 issue of Bicycling featuring Bertine on the cover: “Obstacles that stopped others, she clambered over, or rammed.”. It didn’t matter the sport, the time, or the place. When the Ice Capades urged 18-year-old Bertine to get a college degree before they would hire her as a professional figure skater, she went to Colgate University, where she was recruited to run cross country. When she didn’t get along with the track coach, she earned a spot on the rowing team. When the Ice Capades went out of business, she endured insulting mandatory weigh-ins as a performer for Hollywood on Ice.