Kate Jackson

Kate Jackson: Ahead of Her Time

Tampa’s Kate Jackson was a bold leader and entrepreneur who helped pave the way for future females. Born in 1857 to pioneering parents, her gender would keep her from attaining official leadership roles, unlike her brothers. But she wouldn’t let it stop her from making a significant impact throughout her community.
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Kate Jackson narrowly wins Attleboro city clerk race

ATTLEBORO — Kate Jackson says the first thing she will do Wednesday is walk into the city clerk’s office and ask the people there what they want to see done. It’s not as if she doesn’t know her way around City Hall, though. Jackson, 62, a veteran member of the...
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Meet the candidates: Kate Jackson, candidate for city clerk

My name is Kate Jackson, and I am a candidate for the position of city clerk for the City of Attleboro. I am a life-long resident of Attleboro having grown up on Elizabeth Street with my five siblings, the Spellman family. I am married to Keith Jackson, a retired fire captain who served 35 years on the Attleboro Fire Department and is also a life-long Attleboro resident. I currently serve as the city councilor for Ward 4 and am vice president of the Attleboro City Council.