Chet Porter delivers first part of Kasbo’s ‘The Making of a Paracosm’ remix EP sequel

There have been no shortage of Kasbo remixes this year, as the producer shared a stellar, thoughtfully composed The Making of a Paracosm remix EP earlier this summer. And why should there be? Landing in Dancing Astronaut‘s the top five albums of 2020, Kasbo’s sophomore studio album purveyed some of the Swedish producer’s best work to date, so a grip of complementary remixes from top-notch talent like Just A Gent, Manila Killa, and more makes perfect sense. And Chet Porter is now commencing the rollout for the remix EP’s sequel—due December 10—to prove there’s still plenty of meat left on the Paracosm bone. Taking on “Hemma,” Chet Porter lays down a shimmering rework that continues to breathe new life into Kasbo’s groundwork originals.
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Good Morning Mix: Kasbo shines on long-awaited ‘Intermission Broadcast’ appearance

“Been waiting on this one for a minute” was a supersized understatement from Foreign Family when the label disclosed who would play host to a milestone 15th “Intermission Broadcast” mix. For the second-to-last installment of the serial’s sophomore go-around, ODESZA‘s imprint brought in a name that previously earned a seat in the top four of Dancing Astronaut‘s most-lauded albums of 2020 directory, Kasbo. Everyone following along with the monthly series dating back to spring of 2020 had unsuccessfully forecasted Kasbo’s name as the ensuing month’s host, but as the mix train now nears its end for a second time, that prediction has finally rang true.
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Kasbo takes a melodic hour-long ride on second episode of ‘Cry / Dance Radio’

The Making of a Paracosm rightfully earned top five status on Dancing Astronaut‘s most lauded albums of 2020, and Kasbo hasn’t let his momentum subside in the months following the LP’s release. Formally reinstating “Cry / Dance Radio” on Sirius XM Chill in November, nearly three years after it originally arrived, the Foreign Family associate is now bringing his equally balanced mix series into 2021 with its sophomore installment.

Kasbo: Places We Were and Are Yet to Go

I would like to dedicate this review to an old and dear friend of mine, who is responsible for the very existence of this review. He is the one who recommended this album to me, by the same artist we had listened to back when “Places We Don’t Know” came out. For years now, we have been exchanging music between ourselves – new releases, old favorites, even some of our own creations – and he has introduced me to many artists that now spin in my playlists such as Dabin, Mako and now Kasbo. For that, I would like to say thank you, my friend; I look forward to much more music discovery between the two of us. This one is for you.