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Karl Rove on new Fox News poll showing growing number of voters feel Biden 'too liberal'

Former White House Deputy Chief Karl Rove breaks down new polling data that indicates a growing number of U.S. voters believe that President Biden is "too liberal." KARL ROVE: The poll then goes on to ask a question on spending-the administration's spending proposals and 47% of Americans say that there has been too much spending, only 17% say it’s about right. But, that shows why this is going to be an important election for both parties because while 47% did say too much, 33% said about right and 17% said not enough.

GOP isn't looking forward in a unified way: Karl Rove

Former Bush senior adviser Karl Rove told FOX Business' "Mornings with Maria" on Monday that there are three things the GOP needs to do in order to unify the party: gain support among blue-collar workers, rebuild strength in the suburbs, and have more diverse leadership. …. KARL ROVE: The Republican...
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Trump tells followers not to give money to Karl Rove

Former President Trump is calling on his supporters to withhold financial support from Karl Rove , the longtime Republican strategist who has spoken critically of the former president. “Everyone is so tired of watching Karl Rove on Fox News,” Trump said in a statement issued through his political action committee,...
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‘Big Problems For The Democrats’ Karl Rove Says Biden Agenda Will Motivate GOP, Independents ‘To Come Out In Opposition’

Former White House Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove said Thursday that President Joe Biden’s agenda will motivate Republican and independent voters “to come out in opposition.”. “The Biden agenda is motivating and energizing Republicans and Independents to come out in opposition without similarly enthusing Democrats to come out,” Rove...
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Henry Louis Gates, Karl Rove highlight Tulsa Town Hall 87th season

Tulsa Town Hall will return this fall for its 87th season, with a slate of speakers ranging from political commentators to historians, editorial cartoonists to civic explorers. The lectures will be presented at 10:30 a.m. Fridays at the Tulsa PAC, 101 E. Third St., and admission is by subscription only....
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Karl Rove: Biden's proposed tax increase would kill more than half a million US jobs

President Biden's proposed tax hike will cost America more than 540,000 jobs if enacted, Fox News contributor Karl Rove told "The Story" Tuesday. Biden has repeatedly pledged to raise taxes on any American earning more than $400,000 per year. The president said last week that he believes he will be able to get enough Democratic votes to pass his proposal through the Senate.
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The Spin: Gov. J.B. Pritzker dumps $35M in campaign fund, still won’t say if he’s seeking reelection; Karl Rove to headline Rep. Adam Kinzinger fundraiser; Lightfoot says Loretto Hospital not getting more vaccines amid controversy

Days after Democratic Gov. J.B. Pritzker, the nation’s wealthiest officeholder, made headlines for dropping $35 million into his campaign fund, he’s still not saying whether he’ll run for a second term. While the big money may be seen as a signal he’s readying a reelection bid, it also may be...

John McTiernan directs documentary claiming Karl Rove targeted Democrats

Die Hard director John McTiernan, who is awaiting a new indictment for allegedly lying to an FBI agent during the investigation of the Anthony Pellicano wiretapping scandal, has directed a documentary that claims Karl Rove pursued the Pellicano case as part of a general conspiracy under the Bush administration to prosecute Democrats. According to The New York Times, McTiernan does not expect to release The Political Prosecutions of Karl Rove commercially, but will make it viewable on the web site http://www.politicalprosecutions.org/. In the film, he claims that federal officials called for two of Hillary Clinton’s biggest contributors — Ron Burkle and Stephen Bing — to testify in the Pellicano case, and that Hillary Clinton was widely reported to have had help fromPellicano when the Bill Clinton-Gennifer Flowers scandal broke in 1992. McTiernan’s documentary proposes that the purpose of prosecuting Pellicano was to turn up dirt that could be used against Clinton if she’d become the Democratic presidential nominee. Sheena Tahilramani, a representative for Karl Rove, told The New York Times that he hadnot seen the documentary, but that “Accepting Mr. McTiernan’s wild theory requires notonly the suspension of willing disbelief, but of all mental activity.”