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Umpire Karl Marx Says Whites Are Out Without a Single Pitch!

In critical race theory, whites stand no chance at anything. It’s just what Karl Marx would have wanted. Stay tuned to The Liberty Loft, as we will continue to bring you the latest news. You can find us on a wide variety of social media channels or subscribe to our notifications to receive all the latest information as it is released.
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Karl Marx and Milton Friedman: What They Got Right

People on the left and the right view Karl Marx and Milton Friedman as true icons of their causes, with polar opposite world views. So it is no big surprise that the two men are rarely mentioned for their similarities. The essence of Marx. After all, Karl Marx loathed capitalism...
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What Karl Marx Meant by “Alienation”: Two Animated Videos Explain

A common political distortion claims that socialists are lazy and want to live off other people’s labor. Never mind that this description best applies to those who do not work but live off rents, dividends, and tax breaks. A bigger problem with the idea lies in its definition of “work,” conflating labor-for-hire with labor for a purpose. In Karl Marx’s theories, work occupies a central position as a human value. We all want to work, he thought. We are not born, however, wanting to maximize shareholder value.

What We Get Wrong About Karl Marx

While never a believer in Judaism, and at times vicious about the faith, the revolutionary philosopher Karl Marx came from an indisputably Jewish background: Both of his parents’ fathers were rabbis. The fact that he was not, himself, Jewish is the result of a curious historical circumstance. Marx’s father, Heinrich,...
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To Hell With Karl Marx: New Book, Film Out Soon

Filmmaker Robert Orlando connects the dots in today’s struggle between traditionalism and communism. Image courtesy of Jason Pearson, Nexus Media. How does Robert Orlando follow his books and films about 2020, war, and Cold War? By exploring hell, of course, and the bizarre dreams of Karl Marx still messing with so many to this day.
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Karl Marx Hated Society's Poorest

Karl Marx and his socialist ideology are often thought of, even by critics, as well-meaning and compassionate The truth is, Marx was not motivated by compassion or kindness. In fact, he was an incredibly harsh critic of the world's poorest people. For more great content, visit the Stopping Socialism TV...
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WATCH: We Support Karl Marx Not Biden, Say Armed Michigan Protesters

An armed group of protesters carrying Antifa and Black Lives Matter gear denied supporting President-Elect Joe Biden. Instead, the Lansing, Michigan, protesters said they support Karl Marx. Video tweeted by independent journalist Brendan Gutenschwager shows a group of protesters, some of whom were armed with rifles, facing off against Trump...