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‘Chicago Fire’: Kara Killmer Reveals What She Wants in Sylvie and Casey’s Relationship

“Chicago Fire” has seen a number of romantic relationships spark and fizzle throughout its 10 seasons on NBC. However, writers provided fans with a new, interesting conclusion to one when they decided to make paramedic Sylvie Brett and former Captain Matt Casey’s relationship long-distance. Now though, ahead of the “Chicago Fire” Season 10 finale, not to mention the incredible potential for Casey’s return, Brett’s actress Kara Killmer revealed what exactly it is she wants in the onscreen couple’s relationship.
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Is Kara Killmer leaving Chicago Fire? Where is Sylvie Brett in season 10?

Is Kara Killmer leaving Chicago Fire, and where in the world is Sylvie Brett? If you find yourself wondering about these things, we’re very-much happy to help!. The first thing that we should go ahead and do here is state where in the world the character has been as of late: Off visiting Matt Casey. We know that the writers don’t want to destroy the relationship that they’ve created here and with that in mind, they will continue to try and balance things out with her.

Is Kara Killmer leaving Chicago Fire?

This is a big one. Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer) has been positioned as one of the main characters on Chicago Fire since her debut. Her romance with Casey (Jesse Spencer) was among the most loved on the show, and Casey’s departure was so tough because we were seeing it through her eyes.

Is Kara Killmer pregnant on Chicago Fire?

Sylvie Brett has endured lots of highs and lows on Chicago Fire. The character has experienced a professional boost thanks to her ambulance program, but she’s also had to contend with the exit of her boyfriend Casey (Jesse Spencer). Brett was given a chance to reflect on these changes...

‘Chicago Fire’ Star Kara Killmer Thinks Filming During COVID-19 Pandemic Made Cast Bond More

The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in a lot of global changes and transformations. However, most dynamically, it affected the way family and friends interact with each other. Additionally, it drastically changed how cast and crew members interacted across television overall. Despite the strange and sometimes uncomfortable changes though, “Chicago Fire” star Kara Killmer thinks filming amid COVID-19 pandemic made the cast bond even more.

‘Chicago Fire’: Why Kara Killmer Said ‘Thank God’ That Sylvie Brett Started Dating Matt Casey

This topic is a sore spot for plenty of Chicago Fire fans out there. Jesse Spencer said goodbye to the long-running series this season, which means no more Matt Casey. One positive is that it looks like Kara Killmer’s Sylvie Brett is continuing her relationship with Casey long-distance. Good news, considering Killmer’s feelings about her on-screen romance with Spencer’s character.