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VP Kamala Harris makes history again (video)

Vice President Kamala Harris made history again over the weekend. The former California attorney general-tuned U.S. Senator-turned White House occupant became the first sitting VP to ever walk in a Pride march. Harris, a longtime advocate of LGBTQ+ community rights, surprised folks when she and her husband, Doug Emhoff, walked in the Capital Pride Walk and Rally in Washington on Saturday, June 12, 2021.
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Details regarding Vice President Kamala Harris' visit to Greenville released

Vice President Kamala Harris is scheduled to be in Greenville Monday. "As part of the Month of Action, next week, the vice president will launch a nationwide tour to reach millions of Americans who still need protection against the virus, highlight the ease of getting vaccinated, encourage vaccinations, and mobilize grassroots vaccine education and outreach efforts," according to a release from the White House Regional Communication Director.
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Kamala Harris Attends a Pride Parade With Doug Emhoff, and Makes History in the Process

Vice President Kamala Harris is making history once again! On Saturday, Kamala attended a Pride celebration in Washington DC with husband Doug Emhoff, making her the first sitting vice president to march at a Pride event. As America's second couple joined marchers during the Capital Pride Parade, Kamala sported a "Love Is Love" T-shirt complete with a bright pink blazer, while Doug wore a T-shirt with the words "Love first" written across it. "Happy Pride," Kamala reportedly shouted out to the crowd.
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Kamala Harris Just Became the First Sitting Vice President to March in a Pride Parade

Vice President Kamala Harris just became the first sitting V.P. to march in a Pride parade. Harris joined the Capital Pride event in Washington D.C. on June 12 alongside her husband, Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff. Harris and Emhoff walked hand-in-hand, the Vice President wearing a “love is love” t-shirt and the Second Gentleman donning a rainbow-text “love first” graphic tee.
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VP Kamala Harris takes part in D.C.'s LGBTQ Pride rally

June 12 (UPI) -- After the coronavirus pandemic left most Pride parades and events canceled in 2020, Vice President Kamala Harris joined the CapitalPride Walk and Rally in Washington, D.C. on Saturday. The Washington parade was one of the numerous Pride celebrations held in cities around the country Saturday. Harris...
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Kamala Harris becomes first vice president to march in Pride event

Kamala Harris has made history as the first sitting US vice president to attend a Pride march.Ms Harris and her husband, second gentleman Doug Emhoff, were among the crowds at Capital Pride in Washington DC on Saturday 12 June.She was dressed in a pink blazer and a T-shirt with the slogan “Love is love”, while Mr Emhoff wore a T-shirt with the words “Love first” written in the different colours of the Pride rainbow.Television footage from WUSA showed Ms Harris waving at attendees as she shouted, “Happy Pride”.At one point she addressed the crowd with a speech advocating for...
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Kamala Harris is in a really tough spot

(CNN) — This week, Vice President Kamala Harris learned that three little words can cause a lot of damage. On her first vice presidential trip abroad, Harris stoked controversy when she spoke at a news conference in Guatemala and told potential migrants, "do not come." She warned that would-be migrants would be turned back at the US' southern border, adding, "So let's discourage our friends, our neighbors, our family members from embarking on what is otherwise an extremely dangerous journey."
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Mexican president praises VP Kamala Harris, ‘called her president’ in meeting

Vice President Kamala Harris deserves a promotion, says Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. “It was such a good meeting that I called her ‘president’,” the leftist leader told reporters this week, soon after Harris wrapped up a three-day swing through Guatemala and Mexico that critics called a failure — and that left Biden administration officials “quietly perplexed.”
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The perilous journeys of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

(CNN) — "Wailing in fear," the crew of Odysseus' boat row toward two "enormous crags." To starboard was the cave of Scylla, a "terrible, savage, wild" creature with 12 legs, six "long swaying necks, a hideous head on each ... barbed with a triple row of fangs." To port was "awesome Charybdis," a treacherous whirlpool. As the panicked sailors stare at the churning water, six of their number are snatched by the monster and swallowed up.