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‘Incoming’ Adds Bobby Cannavale, Kaitlin Olson, and Scott McArthur

With production for Dave Chernin and John Chernin’s upcoming film, Incoming, beginning in Los Angeles, the new set of cast members of the film have been announced via an exclusive from Deadline. The film will center on a group of teenage students as they experience the terror of their first attempt at going to a high school party.
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The Chernin Brothers’ High School Comedy ‘Incoming’ Adds Bobby Cannavale, Kaitlin Olson, Scott MacArthur & More In Artists Road, Spyglass Pic

Click here to read the full article. EXCLUSIVE: Dave and John Chernin’s Incoming has begun production in Los Angeles, we’ve learned, with an ensemble cast that includes 2x Primetime Emmy winner Bobby Cannavale, Primetime Emmy nominee Kaitlin Olson, Scott MacArthur as well as Raphael Alejandro, Isabella Ferreira, Ali Gallo, Loren Gray, Ramon Reed (13:The Musical) and Bardia Seiri. All of them join previously announced Mason Thames (The Black Phone). The Chernin brothers co-wrote the screenplay and are making their directorial film debut on the Artists Road and Spyglass Media production. Incoming follows four incoming freshmen as they navigate the terrors of adolescence at their first-ever...
Picture for The Chernin Brothers’ High School Comedy ‘Incoming’ Adds Bobby Cannavale, Kaitlin Olson, Scott MacArthur & More In Artists Road, Spyglass Pic

Kaitlin Olson Had One Request For Her It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Role

"It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" has maintained its charm over 15 seasons because every member of the gang is equally awful. The gritty sitcom is set in the dim lights of Paddy's Pub, a bar owned by a group of high school friends, Dennis (Glenn Howerton), Mac (Rob McElhenney), and Charlie (Charlie Day). They employ Dennis' twin sister, Sweet Dee (Kaitlin Olson), as a bartender, and later by their father, Frank (Danny DeVito), as a manager. The show was created by McElhenney and originally featured Jordan Reid in the role of Dee. After the pilot was picked up for series, Olson joined the cast.

Kaitlin Olson Doesn't Hold Back On Her Stunts For It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Some of the most beloved episodes of the series are carried by Olson's performances, such as in Season 9's premiere "The Gang Broke Dee" or the Season 3 episode that delivers much of Dee's backstory, "The Aluminum Monster vs Fatty Magoo." Time and time again, Olson has proven that there is no line she will not cross for the sake of a terrific gag. This no-holds-barred approach to comedy is not qualified by fear of physical stunts, either. The "Sunny" cast is no stranger to dangerous stunts, but Olson in particular has developed a reputation for being the most committed member of the cast when it comes to delivering a dangerous bit.

Woody Harrelson and Kaitlin Olson Among Cast Members Leading Special Olympics Sports Movie CHAMPIONS

Oscar nominee and Emmy winner Woody Harrelson (True Detective, Zombieland), Emmy nominee Kaitlin Olson (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Hacks), Grammy nominee Cheech Marin (Born in East L.A, From Dusk Till Dawn), and Matt Cook (Man With a Plan, The Comeback) are leading the cast of the Special Olympics sports movie Champions. The film recently wrapped production, and Bobby Farrelly (Dumb and Dumber, There’s Something About Mary) of the Farrelly brothers helmed the film from a screenplay adapted by Mark Rizzo (Green Eggs and Ham, Gravity Falls).

Woody Harrelson, Cheech Marin, And Kaitlin Olson Will Lead Focus Features' Champions

Woody Harrelson fans will be thrilled to know that the Emmy-winning actor is set to play the lead in yet another comedy project after his the upcoming action-comedy "The Man from Toronto." According to a press release, Harrelson, Kaitlin Olson, and Cheech Marin will lead the cast of "Champions," a new film that will be directed by Bobby Farrelly ("There's Something About Mary") for Focus Pictures and Gold Circle Entertainment.

‘Champions’: Woody Harrelson, Kaitlin Olson, Cheech Marin & Matt Cook To Topline Bobby Farrelly’s Special Olympics Pic For Focus Features And Gold Circle Entertainment

EXCLUSIVE: Oscar nominee and Emmy winner Woody Harrelson (True Detective, Zombieland), Emmy nominee Kaitlin Olson (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Hacks), Grammy nominee Cheech Marin (Born in East L.A, From Dusk Till Dawn) and Matt Cook (Man With a Plan, The Comeback) will lead Champions, a recently-wrapped film that Bobby Farrelly (Dumb and Dumber, There’s Something About Mary) directed for Focus Features and Gold Circle Entertainment. Champions is based on the Goya Award winning Spanish film Campeones, which Universal Pictures International released in 2018. It centers on a stubborn and hotheaded minor league basketball coach who is forced to coach a Special Olympics...

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Characters Will Never 'Grow And Be Better People,' Kaitlin Olson Promises

The jokes on "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" might change, but the gang is solid as a rock. They're dependably, awful, stupid, and cruel in ways that make our hearts sing and make our stomachs hurt from the ab workout that is laughing. The writers might throw our core crew through a variety of wringers every season, but you can always depend on Dennis (Glenn Howerton), Dee (Kaitlin Olson), Charlie (Charlie Day), Mac (Rob McElhenney) and Frank (Danny DeVito) to be solidly bad people. And it's a relief, frankly (sorry). The world looks considerably different than it did when "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" first premiered in 2005. I mean, think of what you were doing in 2005. What you looked like, who your friends were, what your goals were. I mean, even thinking about what I was up to in 2005 makes me genuinely shudder, but you get the point. Things were different, and yet the gang stays the same.

Kaitlin Olson Says She 'Always Connected with Animals' More Than People: They 'Fall Into My Life'

Kaitlin Olson has opened her home to some adorable temporary roommates. The Emmy nominee, 45, tells PEOPLE that animals tend to "fall into my life" as she works with the Animal Wellness Foundation to help place foster animals in forever homes. "I was one of those kids that always really connected with animals and liked them more than I really liked people," she says.

Kaitlin Olson Has Some Damn Good Advice For Parents of Boys

If Deandra “Sweet Dee” Reynolds ever had a child, she’d be a lot like DJ, the petty, needy, pill-smuggling, deeply insecure celebutot Kaitlin Olson plays on HBO’s Hacks. The new show is an ode to bad parenting, and entitlement, far sharper and funnier than you’d have reason to expect. And it’s the perfect companion piece to Olson’s portrayal of the “Aluminum Monster” on the bitingly hilarious modern classic It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Playing a third-rate grifter on that show, Olson has mastered the deft art of being both loathsomely conniving and defiantly pitiful, a former high school laughingstock whose own mother called her a mistake in her will.

Interview: Jean Smart, Hannah Einbinder and Kaitlin Olson talk ‘Hacks,’ coming May 13 to HBO Max [VIDEO]

Hacks is no ordinary show, lead by an actor who is anything but conventional. Three-time Emmy Award winner Jean Smart shows little fear in tackling any role that comes her way. Whether she’s Depression Kitty on Big Mouth, William Shatner’s love interest in Senior Moment, Helen (Mare’s mother) in Mare of Easttown, or Laurie Blake on Watchmen, Smart is one of the most versatile performers in Hollywood. We now get to see her as the acerbic queen of comedians, Deborah Vance in HBO Max’s, Hacks which debuts May 13.

Imagine Dragons recruits ‘It’s Always Sunny’ couple Rob McElhenney & Kaitlin Olson for “Follow You” video

Imagine Dragons has premiered the video for “Follow You,” the band’s new single. The clip stars It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia co-stars — and real life husband-and-wife — Rob McElhenney and Kaitlin Olson. It begins with Olson bringing a blindfolded McElhenney into an empty theater, where she tells him she booked a private concert with his favorite band. When he starts to get excited that he’s about to see The Killers, she clarifies that she actually booked her favorite band, Imagine Dragons.

Meg Stalter, Kaitlin Olson, and More Join Upcoming Jean Smart Comedy on HBO Max

After redefining what a television show could do by fondling a giant blue Dr. Manhattan dildo on Watchmen, Jean Smart is working on an HBO Max comedy series in which she plays “a legendary Las Vegas comedian,” which just sounds decadently fun. In a press release on February 8, HBO Max announced that comedian Hannah Einbinder has been cast as Smart’s co-star, an “entitled, outcast 25-year-old” writer who becomes Smart’s mentee. Stage actor Carl Clemons-Hopkins has also signed on to play Smart’s “trusted longtime COO,” which we guess is more fun than playing a regular ol’ manager or agent. Though perhaps the most exciting thing about this press release is the rest of the supporting cast, which is an absolute murderer’s row of comedy performers: Kaitlin Olson, Paul W. Downs, and Quarry-laureate Meg Stalter will all round out the cast in recurring roles. Basically, the show sounds like Showgirls, but with Vegas comedians instead of Vegas exotic dancers. The show doesn’t have a name yet, but it comes out this spring, and we’re ready.