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‘Marriage Boot Camp’ Recap: Lyrica’s Jealousy Shows + Kastan Angers K. Michelle

It’s day three in the “Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition” house and Dr. Ish has it planned for each couple to tackle their jealousy and trust issues. To do such, Dr. Ish and Judge Toler have the couples choreograph a dance routine. However, everyone is partnered with someone who isn’t their significant other. This leads to some pretty interesting interactions amongst the couples.
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‘Marriage Boot Camp’ Season 17 stars K. Michelle and More ‘Love and Hip Hop’ Favorites

Since 2013, Marriage Boot Camp has helped many celebrities rekindle their marriages and relationships throughout its time on air. The series first aired as a Bridezillas spinoff and included several couples from the wedding show’s past seasons. Since then, the WeTV show has expanded across multiple reality shows. Some of its celebrity clients have ranged from Kendra Wilkinson and her ex-husband, Hank Bassett, to RHOA alum Phaedra Parks and her boyfriend, Medina Islam.

Mimi Faust Slams K. Michelle & Joseline Hernandez + Irritated with Questions About Ty Young

Mimi Faust can hold a grudge. “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” star Mimi Faust had a lot of drama on the show. Fans came to know her thanks to her messy love triangle with Stevie J. and Joseline Hernandez. For Mimi, it was hurtful that she had to learn the extent of Stevie’s relationship with Joseline from watching the show. While Mimi can be cordial with Stevie, she’s still not on good terms with Joseline. Both women have taken plenty of verbal jabs at each other over the years. They have also had physical altercations as well. However, Mimi’s feud with Joseline isn’t the only one she had on the show.

K. Michelle talks ‘My Killer Body With K. Michelle’ correspondent Koku Tona spoke with K Michelle about her Lifetime series ‘My Killer Body with K Michelle’. She spoke candidly about past procedures, being strong for the women in the series, her new music, and more! Check out the interview and let us know what you think!

K. Michelle, Jacquees to play Soul Fest in March after two-year hiatus

Appreciate the gift of soul with K Michelle and Jacquees at the Central Florida Soul Fest on March 26. After a two-year wait, Soul Fest will take over the Central Florida Fairgrounds with a lineup that features classic artists like Frankie Beverly and Maze and fresher faces like CeCe Teneal.

K. Michelle Drops New Single “Scooch”

After a two year hiatus from music, R&B songstress , Memphis Tennessee native K. Michelle is back on the music scene with a new single titled “Scooch.”. “Scooch,” finds K. Michelle pinning and being sexually attracted to someone that is not her lover. “Scooch” speaks to the adage that “life lives within chances and sometimes your just want to go with the flow of the moment.” It’s a lot to be said for the excitement and thrill once ones senses are aroused. One may find themselves taking a leap and throwing caution to the wind and ,well begin to, “Scooch.”

New Song: K. Michelle – ‘Scooch’

K. Michelle is back with new music. Case in point, the acclaimed singer has now shared her most recent song ‘Scooch.’. The song’s central theme focuses on her getting butterflies when she meets a man and wants to further get aquatinted with him. ‘Scooch’ has been announced as...

With 'My Killer Body,' K. Michelle Wants To Tell 'The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth' About Plastic Surgery

The star on the harrowing health journey that inspired her new show, rumors about her look, and why, despite everything she's been through, she's not against plastic surgery. When K. Michelle recalls what drove her to get silicone-filled injections into her buttocks more than six years ago, the singer and TV personality says she felt it was something she needed to succeed in music.

K. Michelle Candid About Plastic Surgery On New Show ‘My Killer Body’

K. Michelle is keeping it real about the pitfalls of plastic surgery. The R&B chart topper was one of the first celebrities to discuss the dangers of silicone injections after the procedure nearly cost her her life. Now she’s helping others on her new Lifetimes series My Killer Body with K. Michelle.

K. Michelle reveals one reason why she had plastic surgery: "I felt like the bigger the butt, the bigger the career"

K. Michelle is starring on Lifetime twice this a dramatic film and in a docuseries that she hopes will save lives. The docuseries, My Killer Body with K. Michelle, premieres on Thursday, February 3, at 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m. CT. The Love & Hip Hop star is also featured in the movie Single Black Female, which airs Saturday, February 5, at 8 p.m. ET/7 p.m. CT.