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What I’m binge-watching... The US comedy series Curb Your Enthusiasm, starring Larry David as a socially inept TV producer, which I love because it’s so un-PC. It’s a way of being un-woke without having to watch Piers Morgan. What I’m reading... Iris Murdoch’s The Sea, The Sea,...
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BBC rebukes Justin Webb over comment on Kathleen Stock row

The Today programme presenter Justin Webb has been partially rebuked by the BBC after he suggested students were lying when they accused a university professor of transphobia. Introducing Radio 4’s newspaper review last October, Webb said: “And quite a lot of coverage still of Kathleen Stock, the academic from Sussex University who’s been abused by students who accuse her, falsely, of transphobia. She says her union has now effectively ended her career. It’s published a statement of support, not for her but for those who are abusing her.”