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Canadian PM Justin Trudeau Faces Backlash For Not Staying at Designated Quarantine Hotel After G7 Summit in UK

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is facing backlash for not staying at a designated quarantine hotel after this weekend's G7 summit in the U.K. Trudeau's office has confirmed that the prime minister and the Canadian delegation will quarantine in an Ottawa hotel once he arrives from his first international trip since the pandemic began, and will remain there until his PCR test comes back negative.
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by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada at their meeting in the margins of the NATO Summit

It’s great to see you Prime Minister Trudeau, dear Justin, and welcome back to the NATO Headquarters. We will have a very important Summit today, where we will open a new chapter in the transatlantic relationship, and Canada has been so supportive to NATO over so many years, and your personal leadership and your personal commitment is something I really appreciate. And at the Summit today we will once again demonstrate the strength of the bond between North America and Europe. The importance to work together, and also agree the forward-looking ambitious agenda, NATO 2030, which is about how to reinforce our collective defence, invest in technology and resilience, and also climate change, which for now for the first time will be an important task for NATO, the security consequences of climate change, and thank you so much to Canada for offering to host the NATO Center of Excellence on climate change. Then also thank you for the many ways that Canada is supporting our lives, leading the battle group in Latvia, participating in different NATO missions and operations including our training mission in Iraq, and also air policing, so it just demonstrates that Canada is really a highly valued and important Ally. You lead on many topics including on human security, women, peace and security, and also thank you so much for your personal engagement on those issues. We have a unique opportunity to reopen a new chapter in the transatlantic relationship with the Summit today, and you are part of that, so welcome. Justin, it’s good to see you.
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World leaders touch down in Cornwall for the crucial G7 Summit which starts today - with Canada's Justin Trudeau, Japan's Yoshihide Suga and the EU's Charles Michel among the first to arrive

World leaders from G7 countries are arriving in Britain ahead of the crucial summit to be held from today. Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau arrived at Cornwall Airport in Newquay wearing a face mask yesterday and waved from the exit of his jet beside his country's coat of arms and maple leaf flag.

What Justin Trudeau wants from the G-7

Welcome to Corridors. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau steps back into the real world this week after months of sticking close to home. Andy Blatchford talked to insiders about what Canada wants at the G-7 summit. Zi-Ann Lum reports on Canada’s latest reckoning. Nick Taylor-Vaisey previews the wind down of Parliament, plus we have the latest on the Canada-U.S. border.

“Islamophobia Is Real. Racism Is Real”: Justin Trudeau

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau offered his sincere condolences to the victims of Sunday’s attack and called it an “act of evil.”. Several government dignitaries, including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Ontario Premier Doug Ford, London Mayor Ed Holder and other politicians attended the two-hour vigil that was broadcast on Facebook to express their solidarity after the killing of four members of a Muslim family due to hate crime.
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Justin Trudeau: Freedom of expression isn’t “freedom to hate”

If you're tired of cancel culture and censorship subscribe to Reclaim The Net. Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has tried to make a distinction between freedom of expression and freedom to hate. According to the PM, freedom of expression is a protected and cherished human right in Canada, and freedom to hate is “permitted incitement to violence.”
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Muslim Family Was Killed in Hateful ‘Terrorist Attack’: Justin Trudeau

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau condemned a “brutal, cowardly, and brazen” attack on a Muslim family in a speech to Canada’s House of Commons Tuesday. “This was no accident,” he told the group. “This was a terrorist attack, motivated by hatred, in the heart of one of our communities.” He said he plans to take more action against far-right hate groups in the country, including adding them to terror lists, to help curb Islamophobic threats.

Index – Abroad – Justin Trudeau waited in vain to apologize to Pope Francis

MDI reports that he called for reconciliation between Canadian political and Catholic church leaders Pope Francis following the discovery of the terrestrial remains of 215 indigenous children based on a former residential Catholic school in Canada. Pope though. No appointment was made for the conduct of the church,. Many in...
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Justin Trudeau says Catholic Church must apologize for indigenous schools

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called out the Catholic Church — again — for refusing to apologize for its part in operating many of the country’s residential schools for indigenous children following the shocking discovery of the remains of 215 students at one former school last month. “As a Catholic, I...
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Canada's Gas Industry Is Mad at Justin Trudeau

When the Canadian government unveiled its Greener Homes Grant program, it did not include the upgrading of gas heating appliances as eligible for subsidy. This was a surprise; the gas industry is very powerful in Canada and much of it comes from the Province of Alberta. This is the same government that just a few months earlier had announced a hydrogen strategy that included "blue hydrogen" and was clearly a sop to Alberta and the fossil fuel industry—what happened? Suddenly there is no room at the table for clean, affordable, maybe someday renewable Canadian natural gas?