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Hokies coach Justin Fuente focuses on closing the gap between first- and second-teamers as he evaluates spring practice progress

Every practice day this spring when he’s scanned the field, Virginia Tech coach Justin Fuente has witnessed a common theme. He’s seen a thin collection of inexperienced backup offensive linemen trying to establish themselves, an equally green group of second-team linebackers and inconsistent efforts from guys at other positions playing behind expected starters. Pleased for the most part with ...
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Justin Fuente on Hokies' Jaden Payoute: "He's got a chance to really help this program"

Jaden Payoute was set for a breakthrough season in 2020. But it never came to fruition. After an entire off-season of coaches praising the 6-foot-1 inch 206-pound wide receiver, Payoute suffered an ankle injury, which required season-ending surgery. His speed and precision down the field would have added a different element to the passing attack, though it was not meant to be for 2020.

Virginia Tech football: Justin Fuente discusses Farley & Darrisaw

Many things haven’t gone right for the Virginia Tech football program in recent years under head coach Justin Fuente. The Hokies have essentially settled into mediocrity and struggle to recruit at a Power 5-level, among other things. One thing that is going right for the Hokies is a pair of...
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Virginia Tech Head Coach Justin Fuente glows about Transfer DT Jordan Williams

After graduating from Clemson with a degree in hand, Jordan Williams knew his next step in his professional football journey would be at a new university. A reserve Defensive Tackle with the Tigers, Williams had all the talent in the world to command NFL attention, yet lacked a consistent opportunity. He opted to take his talents to Virginia Tech to finish out his college football days and became one of the most talked about players on the roster despite never putting on the school uniform.