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June Shannon: A Mad Dentist Tricked, Tortured, and Extorted Me!

In recent months, many aspects of Mama June Shannon's life have gotten back on track. She has a home, she's back on television, she reunited with family despite a lot of tension. June has also been working on undoing the physical damage that she did to her body during her...
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June Shannon: If I Do Crack Again, I'll Get Fired!

After her catastrophic downward spiral, Mama June Shannon had spent nearly $1 million on drugs in just one year. She is now rebuilding her life, and doesn't want any part of that to happen again. Neither does the production of her show. With that in mind, June knows that she's...
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June Shannon: I Gained 60 Pounds of Healthy COVID Weight!

June Shannon returned to TV again last Friday on her once-again rebranded show. The Mama June: Road to Redemption star promised that she has changed, and that is true. But with sobriety came some falling back on other old habits, seeing June gain a lot of weight. Many gained weight...
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June Shannon: Geno and I Spent $1 Million on Drugs in Just One Year!

These days, Mama June Shannon has been sober for over a year alongside boyfriend Geno Doak. But 2019 was a very different story for her, and she lost more than her family's trust. Speaking to multiple outlets ahead of Friday night's premiere, June has some jarring numbers to share. By...
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June Shannon: OMG, I May Never See My Kids Again!

June Shannon says she is clean, sober and fully on the wagon. This is incredible news and even inspiring news if true, but it does still beg a very important question when it comes to the veteran reality star:. Is it too late?. Specifically, is it too late for Shannon...
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June Shannon and Geno Doak Celebrate One YEAR of Sobriety!

It has been remarkable to watch Mama June Shannon and Geno Doak turn their lives around. They have been rebuilding their lives and working on getting hot again after their 2019 downward spiral. Now, it has been one year since June and Geno began their sobriety journey. June is reflecting...