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Michael Strahan shares bittersweet family photo after upsetting week

Good Morning America's Michael Strahan had a reason to smile on Friday, following a difficult week during which he received some very sad news. The TV star took to Instagram to post a rare family picture which had been created of his mother, Louise, and Michael’s late father, Gene, who passed away in September 2020.
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What really happens at Denver homeless encampment sweeps

A backhoe scoops up encampments at 22nd and Washington streets in Denver.Photo/Denver Homeless Out Loud. Denver Mayor Michael Hancock’s office calls them “cleanups.”. The name alone carries incredible stigma. As if the existence of homeless encampments and everything about them is “dirty.”

Bill Maher Says the Young, the Woke and Kevin Hart Suffer From "Progress-o-phobia"

Bill Maher went deep Friday night with blistering words for young people, super-woke folks and Kevin Hart ... diagnosing all of them with a severe case of "progress-o-phobia." Maher -- a take-no-prisoners liberal who is not afraid to call out like-minded individuals who he says go way too far -- lambasts Americans who complain things have never been worse.