Julia Wachtel

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Julia Wachtel, Wendy White at von ammon co

Exhibition Title: Airlok ​or ​Gazing Into the Void. Full gallery of images, press release and link available after the jump. Wachtel’s first-ever single-motif series depicts one repeated, serialized subject: a white man with his head in a hole. Drawing from various techniques of image appropriation, Wachtel either directly lifts the likeness of these men from existing photographs or from drawn caricatures. This exceptionally particular image—of the white man hiding his face, either out of denial, shame, fear, or self-justification—attracts new sociopolitical associations at an overwhelming rate—at the time of writing this release, almost daily. Wachtel’s painterly project has sought to deconstruct the semiotics of media (both traditional and digital) and to reconstruct it within the language of painting. This has typically involved the juxtaposition of unrelated images to create synthetic effects of dark humor and critique. In this series, Wachtel concerns herself with only one recurring image, as a synthesis of opposites—the pathetic, pratfall figure is humorous in its clumsy, struthious oblivion; the implications that subtend this awkward stance are those of unspeakable existential horror.
Picture for Julia Wachtel, Wendy White at von ammon co