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Judy Blume opens up about finding hope after husband's pancreatic cancer

Judy Blume is opening up about how she and her husband, George Cooper, found hope again after Cooper was diagnosed and treated for pancreatic cancer. In an essay she penned for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network's website, the famed young adult author recalled how she noticed on a "date night" in 2018 that her then 81-year-old husband's coloring had "turned yellow."
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Dawnie Walton on the literary influence of Judy Blume and why she wants to live in Wakanda

Dawnie Walton's debut novel is heavily inspired by pop culture — to say the least. The story uses a fictional oral history format to recall the quick rise (and downfall) of a popular 70s rock group. The book is full of references to the music industry (of course), and Walton herself is a former editor of Entertainment Weekly. Here, she offers up her highly curated pop culture favorites.
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“In an unlikely event”: Judy Blume, a new book for adults

This is the story of three families associated with the crash of three tragic planes in Elizabeth, New Jersey in the winter of 1951-1952. While Bloom’s past works have traditionally focused on issues that young readers can connect to, Bloom’s new book takes a very mature tone. An iconic writer joins CBS This Morning to talk about a new book and her historic literary career.
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Judy Blume Shares Advice Beverly Cleary Gave Her, Even Though They Never Met

Judy Blume recently shared the advice author Beverly Cleary gave her, another beloved author who died recently at age 104. 83-year-old Blume took to Twitter to pay tribute to the late Cleary, also revealing one of her regrets in life in the process. “Beverly Cleary! My inspiration. I wanted to write books like yours. I so regret never having met you. You will not be forgotten.”
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11 Facts About Judy Blume's Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret

Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret, may technically be middle-aged now—the pre-teen tale by Judy Blume turned 50 last year—but its lessons are for the ages. Whether you read it in the 1970s or the 2000s, Margaret Simon’s sixth-grade trials and tribulations no doubt rang true. A new generation of Margaret will be born when it hits the silver screen next year, but until then, here are 11 page-turning facts for Blume fans of all ages.
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Are You There, Judy Blume? It’s Us, the Generation of Writers You Inspired

To mark International Women’s Day 2021, we’re celebrating some of our favorite women—with tributes from some of their favorite women. From Judy Blume to Misty Copeland, these women have inspired us, moved us, and shown us that a better world is possible. We’ll be sharing their stories here all week. For more stories of women breaking barriers, get a copy of Glamour’s new book, Glamour: 30 Years of Women Who Have Reshaped the World.
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Your Favorite Judy Blume Book Is Becoming a Movie, and You'll Definitely Approve of the Cast

Judy Blume's classic coming-of-age novel Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret is finally getting a big-screen adaptation, and the cast is already shaping up to be super impressive! A young, up-and-coming actress is set to play Margaret, a tween girl dealing with puberty milestones, family drama, and religion. Plus, the movie has brought on a few big-name stars to play the adults in the cast, including at least one bona-fide acting legend. The movie is set to begin production in the next couple of months, with a release date still unconfirmed, and we can assume we'll get more casting news as it gets closer. For now, take a look at who's been confirmed to be part of the cast so far.
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5 Judy Blume books that should be made into movies

1 of 6 We'd stop our blubbering if these Judy Blume books were adapted. With Rachel McAdams and Abby Ryder Fortson set to star in the adaption of. This book follows the intricacies of a female friend group as the girls go through puberty and grapple with all the stresses of being a teenager. Nuanced takes on female friendship are relatively underexplored on screen, and this beloved novel would be a welcome addition.
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MILESTONES: February 12 birthdays for Bill Russell, Judy Blume, Darren Aronofsky

NOTABLE PEOPLE BORN ON THIS DAY include NBA legend Bill Russell, who was born in 1934; author Judy Blume, who was born in 1938; economist David D. Friedman, who was born in 1945; musician Michael McDonald, who was born in 1952; “Growing Pains” star Joanna Kerns, who was born in 1953; entertainer Arsenio Hall, who was born in 1956; actress Christine Elise, who was born in 1965; actor Josh Brolin, who was born in 1968; musician Chynna Phillips, who was born in 1968; director Darren Aronofsky, who was born in Brooklyn in 1969; actress Christina Ricci, who was born in 1980; and football player Robert Griffin III, who was born in 1990.
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21 Judy Blume Books That Should Be in Your Classroom Library

Judy Blume, iconic best-selling author, has been beloved by generations for her entertaining and impactful children’s books. Judy Blume books include heart-warming tales for younger children that are filled with humor and honesty and reveal what it’s really like to be a little kid figuring out the world. Her ground-breaking middle grade books were among the first to tackle previously taboo subjects like racism, bullying, and spirituality.
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PHEW: Judy Blume has been vaccinated.

Despite the generally disastrous COVID vaccine roll-out, we as a country have done at least one thing right: protected Judy Blume. This morning, Blume, 82, tweeted that she and her husband had received their first doses of the Moderna vaccine. Leave it to Blume, who helped generations of kids realize...