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Juan Vargas: How Foreign Roots Grew a Family of Teachers and an Executive Director of Buildings and Properties

Take a visit to the Bamberg Professional Development and Resource Center, and everything is lively. Cars are shuffling in and out of the parking lot, with workers moving about just as diligently. Multiple entrances demonstrate the various departments that are housed within the building. Walk in, and past, the large doors of the north side entrance, and you open up to a room of cubicles, with the office titled Executive Director of Buildings and Properties laying straight ahead. Step in, and you see photos of family surrounding the office, brothers, parents and kids all overlooking the desk. At first glance, you can see that family and unity are integral to Juan Vargas, Aldine ISD’s new Executive Director of Buildings and Properties.
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Juan Vargas challenged for his seat at corporate pig trough

After years of coasting through easy re-election battles, House Democrat Juan Vargas — running in California’s newly redrawn 52nd District and facing a challenger from his party’s left — is unlikely to find much different this campaign season. “Establishment politicians and the rich have reigned over our democracy for too long,” declares Joaquin Vazquez, a fellow Democrat, on his campaign website. Adds a dispatch from Blue America, which runs a liberal political action committee backing Vazquez: “Bernie won the district both times he ran for president.
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Juan Vargas headed to Kiev prayer breakfast

Yet another member of San Diego’s delegation to the House of Representatives has reemerged on the free international travel circuit in the wake of waning covid-19 worries. A freshly filed disclosure statement shows that border Democrat Juan Vargas headed out for the capital of Ukraine in September on a five-day trip beginning September 10 to attend that country’s controversial National Prayer Breakfast. Total transportation expenses for the junket were $7100, with lodging costs of $1000 and meals of $400, along with a $40 Covid test and $265 to cover the cost of something the disclosure calls the “VIP Terminal (hall).”

Congressman Juan Vargas pushes for reopening of Friendship Park

Friendship Park, which has long served as a bi-national meeting place for families along the U.S.-Mexico border, has been closed by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection. “We need to open Friendship Park. It's more than past time, it is absolutely necessary to open,” Rep. Juan Varas, D-San Diego, said.

Rep. Juan Vargas and Others Send Letter to President Joe Biden Urging Him to Address the Treatment of Haitians at the Border

Letter also requests the halt of mass deportations of Haitians seeking asylum. Representative Juan Vargas (CA-51) and Representative Sara Jacobs (CA-53) released the following statement after sending a letter to President Joe Biden asking for an immediate halt of mass deportations of Haitians at the U.S.-Mexico border and denouncing the inhumane and counterproductive treatment of the Haitian migrants and asylum-seekers.