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Joy Bauer cools things down with PB&J pops and cookie dough frozen yogurt bites

Treat yourself right! Two crave-worthy desserts made with nourishing ingredients: Cookie Dough Frozen Yogurt Bites and PB&J Pops. In my house, everyone screams for cookie dough ice cream. I mean, really, is there anything better than sweet, creamy ice cream laden with chewy bits of cookie dough goodness?!? Here, I've whipped up an easy version we can all feel good about enjoying any day of the week. This spin is a real winner because prep is super simple (no ice cream machine required, no churning needed), and each bite is perfectly portioned, light on calories and packed with protein. Oh, and they're totally scrumptious. Scoop, there it is!
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Joy Bauer stays cool in the heat with 2 summer rolls

Stop, drop and roll — I’ve whipped up two tasty Vietnamese-style summer rolls to enjoy! If you’re wondering the difference between a spring roll and summer roll, here’s the deal: The summer spin is served cold (no need to heat up the kitchen in the warmer months) whereas the spring version is cooked. Also, the summer roll uses rice flour-based paper, while spring rolls use dough. Different sauces can really make your rolls rock, so feel free to drizzle, dip or completely dunk — you’re the boss of your sauce.
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Joy Bauer grills her fruit for the sweetest summer salads

Today's forecast calls for fruity salads bursting with flavor! First, dive into a scrumptious grilled peach-pecan salad complete with red wine vinaigrette, avocado and feta. Next, get hungry for a grilled pineapple salad filled with juicy sweetness and tossed in a creamy peanut dressing. It’s the thrill of the grill with these two mouthwatering creations. Sear the day … and your fruit, too.

Joy Bauer makes pizza for breakfast: BLT and sausage, egg and cheese

It’s pizza time! I’ve cooked up two palate-pleasing pies and the only thing you have to do is decide which one to dig into first. I know — it’s a real toss-up. First, I have a breakfast pizza … because what better way to start your day than with a slice of heaven? Then, there’s a BLT pizza that features creamy ranch, crunchy bacon, crispy lettuce and juicy tomato. You definitely want a pizza this!

Joy Bauer makes zucchini-carrot waffles with spicy maple syrup for Mother's Day

Attention Mother's Day home chefs: These recipes are terrific options if you're looking to shower someone you love with Mother's Day yumminess — whether she prefers sweet, savory … or spiked, like me. Wishing all of the moms and mom-figures a wonderful holiday celebration!. Strawberry-Mango Sorbet Mimosa. Brunch...

Joy Bauer fights fatigue with energy-boosting muffins and mocha frappé

Fight fatigue with flavorsome fare. Keep these two energizing recipes on midday slump standby: Chocolate Energy Muffins and Mocha Frappé. These nutrient-packed, chocolate muffins will keep you energized every bite of the way! They offer a balance of protein and fiber for sustained energy, plus the espresso adds a hit of caffeine and a subtle mocha flavor for the ultimate power-up. If you don't have espresso on hand, you can use instant coffee instead; just be sure it's finely ground into a powder. While 1 to 2 tablespoons is my recommended amount, you can adjust depending upon how much (or less) caffeine you're looking to add. You can also choose to omit the espresso entirely if you're caffeine-sensitive or prefer to make these kid-friendly.

Joy Bauer makes salad exciting with 3 easy homemade dressings

Dress to impress … your salad, that is! Not only do flavorful dressings make eating your greens that much easier, but they may also allow for better absorption of the fat-soluble nutrients found in your veggie assortment. Lettuce indulge!. Green Goddess. This green is the queen! It's a cinch...

Joy Bauer makes vegan tacos and fruit leather for Earth Day

Celebrate Mother Earth with these eco-friendly eats. I am always so thrilled to taco 'bout the power of plants, and these ultimate vegan tacos offer serious benefits for your health and the environment. Another delicious way to protect the planet: Reduce waste by using leftover or close-to-expiration fruit to whip up this two-ingredient fruit leather.

Joy Bauer makes muffin magic with matzo brei for Passover and egg cups for Easter

Abracadabra … it's muffin magic! Here I'm sharing two crave-worthy recipes for Passover and Easter: Apple-Cinnamon Matzo Brei Muffins and Easter Bunny Egg Cups. Both deliver un-brei-lievable flavor and pure hoppiness!. Apple-Cinnamon Matzo Brei Muffins. My mom is world-famous — OK, maybe Schloss-famous (that's my maiden name) — for...

Health and nutrition expert Joy Bauer is coming to West Palm Beach

Joy Bauer is making her way to South Florida this weekend, she will be speaking at a “Meals on Wheels Palm Beaches” event. As the nutrition and healthy lifestyle expert for NBC’s TODAY show, Joy shares reliable, practical, and easy to follow advice that helps millions of people eat better, live healthier, and lead more fulfilling lives.

Joy Bauer puts a healthy spin on the viral TikTok custard toast trend

Welcome to custard toast transformation! The tried-and-true breakfast staple is once again a highly craved meal thanks to the viral TikTok trend and today, I'm dishing out two flavor renditions that are worth the double-tap: Chocolate-Banana and Blackberry-Pistachio. Regular toast is, well, toast. Blackberry-Pistachio Custard Toast. Give this tasty twist...

Celebrate 'Starch Madness' with 2 winning sweet potato recipes from Joy Bauer

While everyone’s focused on March Madness, I’ve added an element of Starch Madness in my house! One starchy standout that’s a perennial fan favorite is the sweet potato. It’s versatile, nutritious, and delicious — no wonder it makes a regular appearance at the annual All-Star(ch) Game. Try these two recipes to score big.

Joy Bauer takes lunch from drab to fab with easy, healthy upgrades

Stuck in a lunch rut? If you're tired of sad salads and drab sandwiches, I've got your plate covered. I'm your new lunch lady and I'm transforming your lackluster meals into mouthwatering masterpieces — no hassle required. If your lunch is in need of a makeover, let me take over! Send us a pic of your lunch here (anything goes — from leftover chicken nuggets to cold pizza to boxed mac and cheese or a can of tuna), and I'll help you love your lunch!