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A Day in the Life of…Josh Scogin of ’68

Commonly categorized as noise rock, ’68 founder Josh Scogin resists labeling the band’s style. “But we do have a bumper sticker that says it’s ‘Rock and Roll with a kick in the pants,’” he tells me. By “we” he means himself and drummer Nikko Yamada. Though they are small, they are mighty: loud and intense, with a definite confluence of influences—punk, blues, surfer rock—that give ’68 their signature style.
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Watch Every Time I Die play ‘Tid the Season, bring out Josh Scogin (videos + setlist)

Every Time I Die recently announced that they'd be finishing their fall tour without frontman Keith Buckley, who would be sitting out the final three dates for mental health reasons, but after Keith publicly took issue with the band's statement, the shows were cancelled and the band said "we are working on things privately now" and promised to see everyone at 'Tid The Season, their annual two-day holiday shows in Buffalo. 'Tid the Season began last night (12/10), and ETID did indeed see everyone there, headlining the day with a massive 26-song setlist that included a big chunk of songs from their excellent new album Radical, alongside tons of fan faves from throughout their career like "Ebolarama," "Floater," "Apocalypse Now and Then," "The New Black," "We'rewolf," "Decayin' With the Boys," and much more. For their final song of the set, Radical's "All This and War," they brought out Josh Scogin of '68 (and formerly of The Chariot and Norma Jean), who had played earlier in the day, to sing his guest vocals (like he also did during ETID's recent tour with '68). Check out video of Josh's appearance and a few other songs, as well as the full setlist, below.
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