Joseph Stiglitz

‘We have a choice’: Joseph Stiglitz sees opportunity ahead

In 2015, Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz returned to Horace Mann High School in Gary, Indiana, for his 55th high school reunion. As Stiglitz gathered with his former classmates, he said, he saw first the impacts of economic inequality and “some of the consequences of not investing adequately in our young people.”
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How (Not) To Think About The Euro (Joseph Stiglitz, Part 2)

“It was a mistake to start the euro … There will be a cost to breaking it up, but over the last 8 years the euro has generated enormous costs for Europe. The cost of keeping the Eurozone together probably exceeds the cost of breaking it up. It’s clearly a failure … There was no economic imperative to create the euro.” [Jos. Stiglitz, 2016]

Can The Euro Survive? – The Progressive Critique (Joseph Stiglitz, Part 1)

“In most European countries, standards of living almost surely will never reach the level they would have achieved had it not been for the euro…” - Jos. Stiglitz [emphasis in the original]. The economist Joseph Stiglitz (and we are evidently required by international law to mention that he is a...