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Power Book IV: Force's Joseph Sikora Heralds Return of the 'True Voice of Tommy Egan' as Power EP Gary Lennon Joins Season 2 as Showrunner

Click here to read the full article. Warning: This post contains spoilers from Power Book IV: Force‘s Season 1 finale. If Tommy Egan’s on-screen ride-or-die back in the day was Ghost, his off-screen equivalent was Power executive producer Gary Lennon. “Courtney Kemp deserves and gets credit for creation of the character I’m grateful to play every episode,” says Joseph Sikora, who originated the role Starz’s mothership drug drama and continues it in the spinoff Power Book IV: Force. In addition, though, “Gary Lennon truly is the cultivator of that voice and that dynamic emotion behind the character.” As previously reported, Lennon will serve as...
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‘Power Book IV: Force’s Joseph Sikora Teases Season 2 & Talks The ‘Huge Loss’ In Finale

Tommy Egan is determined to take over the Chicago drug game, and he’s just getting started. Tommy successfully avoided death after the Flynns came after him in the Power Book IV: Force season 1 finale. Walter framed him for the hit on Vic and Gloria, and Tommy had to have a “come to Jesus” talk with the Flynn kids about their father. Liliana was shot dead by Claud during a tense battle, and the loss was a devasting one for Tommy.
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Joseph Sikora on his Power Book IV: Force performance: “I’ve always played Tommy on the spectrum"

In an interview, The Wrap asked Sikora if he was playing Tommy Egan as somebody on the autism spectrum. “It’s probably time to just come out with it,” Sikora said, adding that he’d never been asked that question before. “I’ve always played Tommy on the spectrum.” Sikora added that he was inspired by things he’s observed outside of his acting career, and wanted to add to his performance what he described as “this beautiful brilliance,” and to make sure that “you can see the thinking happen.” Sikora also wanted to make it clear that this trait absolutely isn’t why Tommy is a criminal. ALSO: Sikora sings the praise of incoming Season 2 showrunner Gary Lennon, who "truly is the cultivator of that voice and that dynamic emotion behind the character.”

Power Book IV: Force Season 2 Spoilers & Update: There's Still a Lot More to Tell, Joseph Sikora Says

Despite Joseph Sikora's star power and the fact that Power Book IV: Force Season 2 has been confirmed, the show has faced some very public struggles. Tommy Egan (Sikora) relocated to Chicago in order to establish himself. Now that Force is winding down, it appears that he's up to a lot more. Fans were excited to see how Tommy would recover after the death of his best buddy, James "Ghost" St. Patrick (Omari Hardwick), and they were not disappointed.

Need directions? Chicago’s Very Own Joseph Sikora is practically an IDOT expert.

In one of the most Chicago quotes we’ve heard in a long time, Joseph Sikora told us he comes home, “a couple two … tree times a year.”. His role, from the original “Power” series on Starz, is so popular that the NEW show he leads, the latest in the franchise is known to most people simply as “Tommy.” It’s actual name, “Power Book IV: Force” brings his charismatic character from New York to Chicago.
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Joseph Sikora Reacts To 50 Cent Rant On STARZ Not Yet Renewed ‘Force’ Season 2

Joseph Sikora seemingly cosigns 50 Cent recent rant about STARZ taking long to renew Power Book IV: Force for its second season. One television producer you probably don’t want to upset is veteran rapper 50 Cent. It looks like STARZ may have done just that even after fans know that 50 has made the television network hundreds of thousands of dollars in the past few years with shows like Power and Power Book II: Ghost to Black Mafia Family.

Power Book IV: Force spoilers: Joseph Sikora on Tommy, Liliana

If there is one rather-awesome surprise that has come out of Power Book IV: Force so far, it is the arrival of Liliana. Audrey Esparza’s character is such a deep-pull from the original Power and yet, we’ve loved every scene with her and Tommy so far. Despite him previously wanting her dead, she’s shown herself to be a great partner to him. They’ve got some great banter and also still tension. After all, he doesn’t 100% know if he can trust her!

Power Book IV: Force's Joseph Sikora reacts to returning Power character

Power Book IV: Force spoilers follow. Power Book IV: Force star Joseph Sikora has opened up about the return of Liliana (Audrey Esparza) in the new spin-off series. While the character only appeared for a brief stint all the way back in Power season one, she has now come back into the fold for the new series, crossing paths with Tommy Egan in Chicago as the two team up together.

Joseph Sikora Reveals Why He Wears His ‘Power’ Character, Tommy Egan, Like A “Badge Of Honor”

On Sunday (Feb. 6), Joseph Sikora—known to fans as Tommy Egan—was placed front and center in the Power universe following the premiere of Power Book IV: Force. The newest installment in the franchise follows Egan to Chicago from a life he’s ready to leave behind in New York City. As he returns to his roots in The Chi, where he was born before being uprooted to Queens, N.Y., he finds himself uncovering new details about his past while gaining a potential new love interest and immediately getting entangled with Chicago’s drug game. Fresh off the heels of his new show‘s debut, Sikora appeared...

Joseph Sikora Teases Tommy's Journey In 'Power Book IV: Force'

Joseph Sikora is channeling the long-awaited return of Tommy Egan in the Power universe. Power Book IV: Force is be the most recent spin-off created from STARZ hit series Power. Joseph Sikora isn't just revisiting the past of his character in the new series, though. He's talking once again to...