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Joseph McCarthy: Rep. Mike Bordes should be standing up for conservatives

This is in response to Rep. Mike Bordes' letter to the editor last week. When voters in Laconia showed up in massive numbers to elect five Republicans to the State House we expected all five to stand tall with conservative values and fight for liberty and freedom for all. As far as I can see four of the five have delivered and one has fallen woefully short of expectations. Rep. Mike Bordes is that one. Instead of standing up for conservatives, Rep. Bordes has made a bed with local progressives, and those who oppose the very delegation he sits on. A delegation he spends a great deal of time bashing because he doesn't approve of the staunch liberty loving conservatives chosen for leadership positions at the beginning of his term. He likes to label those he opposes as "Extremists" to cover up his own progressive agenda. Maybe he believes that agenda will curry him some sort of favor with Democrats on Election Day.

Joseph McCarthy: A call for GOP volunteers to make a change in the primary

Calling all conservatives in Ward 1. There is an absentee RINO representative in Ward 1. He acts like a progressive Democrat, does not attend Belknap County Republican meetings; votes against important GOP measures like the Right to Work Act; writes cheap shot letters to the newspaper against his fellow GOP reps and rejects invites to discuss his adversarial behavior towards his own political affiliated party that he claims to represent. So, Rep. Mike Bordes why not step down if you can’t or won’t do your job? The world does not work when people like you fail to keep their commitments.

Michael Shannon’s Joseph McCarthy Biopic Sells Globally Ahead of European Film Market

McCarthy, the upcoming biopic about infamous U.S. Senator Joseph McCarthy from director Václav Marhoul and starring Michael Shannon, has sold multiple international deals ahead of the virtual European Film Market. HanWay, which launched the project at the American Film Market in 2021, has closed a multi-territory deal with Vértice Cine (Italy, Spain, Portugal and Latin America). Further deals include The Jokers (France), Paradiso (Benelux), Icon (Australia & New Zealand), Tohokushinsha (Japan), Arna Media (CIS), Front Row (Middle East), Bir (Turkey), Cinemania (former Yugoslavia) and Shaw (Singapore). HanWay Films is handling international sales and CAA Media Finance is overseeing the U.S sale.More...

Joseph McCarthy Censured by US Senate Dec 2nd 1954

Although a resolution on July 30, 1954 by Ralph Flanders (Republican-VT) merely cited abuse of the general, 46 counts of misconduct were reviewed and summarized en route to the final censure vote on this day in 1954. Sources:. US Senate: McCarthy and Army-McCarthy Hearings. McCarthy and Army-McCarthy Hearings.
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Why Michael Shannon is so right to play red-baiting senator Joseph McCarthy

It’s astonishing that cinema hasn’t done more with Senator Joseph McCarthy (1908-1957). The American anti-communist politician was a larger than life figure, a bully, fraudster and demagogue who knew just how to pander to American voters’ baser instincts. He was a regular fixture on every household’s television set in the early 1950s, and his name continues to be a by-word for persecution.
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Dick Nixon in San Diego, Joseph McCarthy in La Jolla

San Diego entrepreneur Arnholt Smith, one of Nixon’s earliest supporters, remembered a melancholy evening in the early ’60s when Nixon was holding a meeting and asked him to get Pat out of the way. “Pat was not feeling well physically, and even worse...mentally,” Smith said. “Dick sent word, ‘Could I please take her and hide her from the public, so to speak, let her rest her mind and what have you.’”
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Michael Shannon, Emilia Clarke talk about Joseph McCarthy biopic

Los Angeles, Nov 3 (SocialNews.XYZ) The stars of biopic 'McCarthy', Michael Shannon and Emilia Clarke, as well as its director Vaclav Marhoul and screenwriter Tom O'Connor, explained why the story of the venomous demagogue Joseph McCarthy had to be told now.

Michael Shannon and Emilia Clarke to Star in Biopic MCCARTHY as Politicians Joseph McCarthy and Wife Jean Kerr

Oscar-nominee Michael Shannon (Midnight Special, The Shape of Water, Nine Perfect Strangers) and Emmy-nominated actress Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones, Solo: A Star Wars Story) have signed on to star in the political biopic McCarthy. Shannon will play attorney and former U.S. Republican senator Joseph McCarthy, and Clarke will play McCarthy’s politically ambitious wife, Jean Kerr.
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Michael Shannon to play Joseph McCarthy in biopic

The Nocturnal Animals actor has been tapped to lead the cast of McCarthy which will chart the rise and fall of the notorious politician and show how he went from a lawyer and decorated former U.S. Marine to the man behind the anti-communist doctrine McCarthyism, according to Deadline.