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Jose Canseco Net Worth 2022, Age, Height, Weight, Biography, Wiki and Career Details

Real Name/Full Name José Canseco Capas Jr. Wife/Spouse Name: Jessica Canseco (m. 1996–1999) and Esther Haddad (m. 1988–1992) Profession: former Major League Baseball outfielder and also designated hitter. Net Worth: $1 million. Last Updated: May 2022. Being a Major League Baseball which is abbreviated as MLB outfielder...

Former MLB Star Jose Canseco Turned an Acura NSX Into a Lamborghini Diablo. Now It’s up for Auction.

Click here to read the full article. Are you hoping to shake up your car collection? Then let us direct your attention to one of the strangest vehicles you’ll likely see this year. A 1999 Acura NSX that was converted to look just like a Lamborghini Diablo GT is currently up for bid on eBay Motors. If for some reason that’s not weird enough for you, just know that the person who commissioned the bizarre mash-up is said to be former big league slugger, Jose Canseco. At some point around the turn of the millennium, Canseco acquired an NSX even though the...

Jose Canseco Turned an Acura Into a Lamborghini. Now It’s For Sale.

Here’s a riddle for you: when is a Lamborghini Diablo GT not a Lamborghini Diablo GT? The answer, in this is case, is simple: when it’s actually a heavily modified Acura NSX. Head on over to eBay Motors and you’ll see a listing for what appears to be a sleek black Lamborghini with an asking price of $175,000. Take a closer look, however, and you might start to notice a couple of variations here and there.

Jose Canseco Reacts To The Hall Of Fame Controversy

Earlier this week, the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame welcomed a new member – longtime Boston Red Sox slugger David Ortiz. He was the only eligible player selected into the Hall of Fame this year. There were plenty of viable candidates, which led to some controversy after this year’s votes were tallied.
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Red Sox Trade Lookback: Jose Canseco traded back to Oakland for John Wasdin

As I talked about last weekend, we are going to try to be covering more history with the Boston Red Sox with notable anniversaries around the team. That was within a 25th anniversary post about the signing of Steve Avery, and we’re going back to that year with another big transaction to try and bolster the pitching staff.

Jose Canseco claims to have injected Hall of Famers with PEDs

PEDs and the Hall of Fame have been a hot topic over the past few days. With David Ortiz having been inducted into the Hall under his own cloud of suspicion, while Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens were left out, questions about whether or not PED users should be inducted have surfaced once more. And once again, this is a topic where Jose Canseco has reappeared.

Jose Canseco wants to fight Alex Rodriguez

Jose Canseco has become known for a variety of reasons on Twitter. His ongoing claims of hanging out with Bigfoot and aliens, his inability to spell his own name when plugging his petrol/car wash business, and continually one-sided feud with Alex Rodriguez are amongst the highlights. He has made himself one of the great follows on social media as his content never disappoints.

Jose Canseco survives plane crash because aliens

It has been a few days since we last heard from Jose Canseco. He had tweeted out that he was going to contact the IRS, and since then, silence. Given the subject matter, it is entirely possible that Canseco did something to get himself into trouble and had been languishing in prison somewhere.

Jose Canseco creates limited edition coffee line

Jose Canseco is at it again. The former Oakland A’s All Star outfielder is once again looking to find new ways to generate income and capitalize on his status as one of the more amusing accounts on Twitter. Unfortunately, this attempt does not include mythological beings or a potshot at Alex Rodriguez.

Jose Canseco trolls A-Rod's Field of Dreams post: 'Maybe he'll get lost in there'

Jose Canseco wouldn't mind if Alex Rodriguez walked into the cornfield at the Field of Dreams and never emerged again, like James Earl Jones did in the 1989 film. Ahead of Thursday's New York Yankees-Chicago White Sox game at the site of the iconic movie in Iowa, Alex Rodriguez attempted to pay homage to the movie. Instead, he set Jose Canseco up to dunk on him:

Jose Canseco looking for love anywhere in the universe

Jose Canseco appears to have finally moved on. After years of pursuing Jennifer Lopez, presumably to steal her away from his rival, Alex Rodriguez, Canseco is putting himself back on the market. It is time for him to find another companion. This time, his search will not be limited to...

Jose Canseco provides news of the century

Oh, Jose Canseco. It would be impossible to create someone such as he as a fictional character as they would be considered too ridiculous to be plausible. However, despite his occasional bursts of insanity on Twitter, he has been a paragon of truth when it comes to the Steroid Era and, oddly, Alex Rodriguez‘s relationship with Jennifer Lopez.