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Jordana Brewster Addresses Mia's Return in 'F9' and How Paul Walker's Brian Will Always Be Part of the Universe

Furious 7 is one of my favorite entries of the Fast and Furious franchise. It’s packed to the brim with especially well executed thrills and also rocks one of the most powerful doses of family in the series. But on top of that, director James Wan and co. had to meet a devastating challenge, addressing the passing of star Paul Walker. I’ve seen Furious 7 quite a few times at this point, but that ending both brings me to tears and fills my heart every single time. I truly can't imagine a better way to honor Walker in this franchise.
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‘F9’ Star Jordana Brewster Says 1 Character Was Cut Out of the Latest ‘Fast and the Furious’ Movie

F9 introduces more of the Toretto family in the Fast and the Furious universe. John Cena plays Jakob Toretto, Dom (Vin Diesel)’s brother. The film flashes back to them as children, played by Finn Cole and Vinnie Bennett respectively. We also meet their father, Jack (J.D. Pardo), but Jordana Brewster says there’s one new character who didn’t make the final cut.

Why Jordana Brewster Doesn't Look Back 'Super Fondly' on 2009's Fast & Furious

Jordana Brewster doesn't look back too fondly on 2009's Fast & Furious because of how her character was used for the movie. Brewster, who plays Mia Toretto in the series, recently spoke to Collider about her feelings on the Fast and Furious franchise and what her thoughts are on some of the movies, as reported by IndieWire. While she's rewatched the first movie and the fifth, she's only watched the fourth just once and she doesn't seem to be a fan of it.

Jordana Brewster relishes Fast & Furious action scenes

Jordana Brewster prefers being at the centre of the action as Mia Toretto in the 'Fast & Furious' films. Jordana Brewster loves being part of the action in the ‘Fast & Furious’ films. The 41-year-old actress plays Mia Toretto in the high-speed action franchise and enjoys looking back on the...

Jordana Brewster on Losing Sight of Her Goals for Mia in 'Fast and Furious 4' and Finding Them Again in 'Fast Five'

With the June 25th release of F9 right around the corner now, Jordana Brewster took the time to join us for an episode of Collider Ladies Night. As with any episode of Ladies Night, we retrace Brewster’s steps from the very beginnings of her career to her latest accomplishment - with lengthy pitstops to talk The Faculty and D.E.B.S. along the way - but a good chunk of our chat was about the Fast and Furious series, a franchise that’s gone on to become one of the biggest box office hits of all time and also a franchise that’s been an active part of Brewster’s filmography for 20 years.
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Jordana Brewster Eyes All-Female ‘Fast & Furious’ Spinoff, Admits Dislike of Fourth Movie

Vin Diesel promised in 2019 that a “female protagonist driven spin-off” of the “Fast & Furious” franchise was on the way, and Jordana Brewster remains eager for one two years later. During a SiriusXM Town Hall to promote the upcoming release of “F9,” the actress behind Mia Toretto said “it would be awesome” to have an all-female “Fast & Furious” movie, adding, “I’ve heard those rumors. Yeah, I think that would be incredible.”
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The Mystery Character Jordana Brewster Wants To Finally See In The Fast Series

It's been 20 years of "Fast and Furious" films, and over the course of those two decades, fans have met plenty of fast-driving, law-breaking, world-saving superstars. It all started with Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel), Brian O'Conner (Paul Walker), Mia Toretto (Jordana Brewster), and Letty Ortiz (Michelle Rodriguez) in "The Fast and the Furious," which debuted in 2001. In the seven films since, characters like Tej Parker (Ludacris), Roman Pearce (Tyrese Gibson), Han Lue (Sung Kang), and Gisele Yashar (Gal Gadot) joined the family, as did other longtime friends of the Toretto family who helped Dom with anything and everything he needed.
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Jordana Brewster Reveals What It Was Really Like Working With Paul Walker On The Fast Movies

Jordana Brewster debuted as Mia Toretto in the original "The Fast and the Furious" in 2001. Since then, she's starred in all but three sequel films and is returning to the franchise after being absent from 2017's "The Fate of the Furious." Mia's absence from the last movie was due to her and Brian O'Conner opting for the family life instead of living in the fast lane. In reality, Walker had sadly passed away, and explaining Mia's presence in the film would have been difficult without Brian. That story is expected to play out in "Fast and Furious 9," as Mia is back in full force.
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Fast And Furious’ Jordana Brewster On Paul Walker’s Continued Legacy In F9

F9 comes out domestically on June 25th, and the hype around the envelope-pushing action Fast franchise grows by the week. The film has been released in several international markets, and the stars were ecstatic as F9 crushes the worldwide box office. Fans of the franchise are excited for the return of Han, played by Sung Kang, who has some thoughts on the redemption of the man who “killed” him. The late Paul Walker continues to be a part of the fabric of the franchise, and Jordana Brewster has recently remarked on Paul Walker’s continued legacy in F9.