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Jordan Klepper Thinks There’s Another Presidential Hopeful Who’s Even More ‘Dangerous’ Than Trump

The Daily Show correspondent Jordan Klepper has spent a lot of time around Trump supporters, more than is medically advisable. He’s been to rallies; he attended the Conservative Political Action Conference; and he was even there for “one of the darkest days in American history,” the MAGA riot on January 6th. Klepper has put himself in harm’s way (“I went down to the Million MAGA March with three security guards, which [felt] absurd, but as we got in there, the anger, the vibe, three wasn’t enough,” he told us), but he believes another member of the GOP is even more dangerous than Trump.
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Jordan Klepper Asked Trump Supporters About The Jan. 6th Hearings Learned That They Think Witnesses Like Ivanka Trump Were Actually Clones

The Daily Show correspondent Jordan Klepper is once again, doing the incredibly hard, virtually impossible job of trying to make sense of the MAGA mob’s thoughts, this time on the Jan. 6th hearings. Interpreting a Trump supporter’s belief system when it comes to stolen elections is a bit like wrangling a posse of feral cats, but Klepper hasn’t let the QAnon whackos get him down yet. (He’s done this many, many, many times.)
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MAGA Supporters Ignore the Facts as Jordan Klepper Asks About January 6

The Daily Show's Jordan Klepper brought his "Fingers the Pulse" segment to Mississippi Thursday night to speak with MAGA supporters about the January 6 committee hearings. Klepper interviewed the MAGA faithful outside a Trump rally to see how they felt about the evidence against the former president and the incriminating comments made by former Attorney General William Barr and Trump's own daughter, Ivanka Trump.

Jordan Klepper Went To A Trump Rally Armed With Clips From The Jan. 6 Hearings, But MAGAs Couldn’t Handle The Truth

During Thursday’s January 6th hearing, we learned that 150 members of the Department of Justice were prepared to resign en masse had Donald Trump gone through with his plan to appoint Jeff “Whatever You Say, Mr. President” Clark as acting attorney general in order to complete his attempt at dismantling democracy. And sure, it would be easy to call those folks “heroes.” But Jordan Klepper is equally deserving of hero status.

Jordan Klepper

WTOP Entertainment Reporter Jason Fraley chats with comedian Jordan Klepper, who hosted the Free Expression Awards last night at The Anthem in Washington D.C. The hilarious “Daily Show” correspondent called into the radio station in 2019 when his TV show “Klepper” premiered on Comedy Central.

D.C. Gets Back To The Social Whirl: Joe Biden Hosts White House Screening Of HBO’s ‘The Survivor,’ Jordan Klepper Headlines Freedom Forum Event

Click here to read the full article. Opening his remarks to a crowd in the backyard of his Kalorama neighborhood home, Ireland’s Ambassador Daniel Mulhall quipped, “I’m kind of wondering: Is it legal to have so many people at a party?” He was speaking at the Bytes & Bylines event on Thursday evening, in what could be described as a kickoff to a weekend of receptions, parties, brunches and special dinners surrounding Saturday’s White House Correspondents’ Association dinner. Covid cancellations in the past two years have put much of D.C.’s social swirl on hold or in a rather tentative state. And...

Jordan Klepper sees the future of GOP: "Conservatives look to Hungary as a conservative wonderland"

Jordan Klepper, correspondent on "The Daily Show," has made a name for himself going to Trump rallies in recent years and cleverly getting Trump supporters to share their unintentionally comedic — and even alarming views. Now Klepper is traveling to the ghost of autocracy's future as he heads to Hungary in his new TV special for Comedy Central's "The Daily Show." In "Jordan Klepper Fingers the Globe: Hungary for Democracy," premiering Thursday, April 21 at 11:30 ET/PT on Comedy Central, he explores the alarming connection between the increasingly autocratic government there and our own budding autocratic movement known as the GOP. In fact, America's Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) is holding a conference in Hungary this May.

Jordan Klepper On Going To Hungary And Being Surprisingly Popular At CPAC

Save for his brief (and glorious and missed) show Klepper and that whole pandemic thing, Daily Show correspondent Jordan Klepper’s professional life has been dominated by his frequent sojourns into the MAGAverse, his microphone and the repetitive and largely incoherent musings of a strongman cosplayer turning him and other media kind into enemies of the people.

'Daily Show's' Jordan Klepper warns about Ron DeSantis turning Florida into an 'autocracy'

Wednesday morning saw several critics speak out against Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, R., including "The Daily Show’s" Jordan Klepper who appeared on "CBS Mornings." Klepper appeared to promote his latest special "Jordan Klepper Fingers the Globe: Hungary for Democracy" where he discussed the state of democracy in Hungary. Earlier this month, the country reelected Hungarian President Viktor Orban, a right-wing political figure who President Biden referred to as a "totalitarian thug."

Jordan Klepper Admits That Playing Nice With Brainwashed Trump Supporters Can Be ‘Infuriating’

Comedian/podcaster/thirst trap Jordan Klepper has become a viral sensation, largely for his remarkable ability to speak fluent moron. Over the past few years, The Daily Show correspondent’s regular sojourns into MAGA World have been a highlight of the satirical news series. Klepper himself largely thanks his improv background for his ability keep a straight face while carrying on inane conversations with everyone from January 6 rioters to Mike Lindell. But even Klepper admits that listening to the conspiracy theories that come out of these people’s mouths can indeed be “infuriating.”
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Worth Watching: ‘Ghosts’ Finale, ‘Flight Attendant’ Buckles Up for Intrigue, ‘Daily Show’s Jordan Klepper in Hungary

In the season finale of new CBS hit Ghosts, the haunted B&B contends with a Norse curse. Kaley Cuoco returns as a sober version of The Flight Attendant, enmeshed in new CIA intrigues. Star Trek: Picard encounters an FBI agent reminiscent of The X-Files. The Daily Show’s Jordan Klepper travels to “partly free” Hungary for clues to threats facing our own democracy.