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MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell walks out on Jordan Klepper after 'Daily Show' host grills him about his election conspiracy theories

Mike Lindell stormed off during an interview with the "Daily Show" correspondent Jordan Klepper. In a segment broadcast on Thursday, Klepper confronted Lindell about his election conspiracy theories. "You guys are horrible," Lindell told Klepper before storming off. See more stories on Insider's business page. MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell got...
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‘Daily Show’ Correspondent Jordan Klepper Grills Mike Lindell on Ongoing Election Fraud Lies: ‘Is This Helping?’

“The Daily Show” on Thursday night showed correspondent Jordan Klepper doing what he does best: Grilling conservatives at big events. He even caught up with MyPillow founder and CEO Mike Lindell himself to ask about the entrepreneur’s continued and baseless insistence that there was voter fraud in the 2020 election and former president Donald Trump will be reinstated in August.
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Jordan Klepper Gets Into Heated Confrontation With MyPillow Guy Mike Lindell

Unlike Jimmy Kimmel, The Daily Show’s Jordan Klepper couldn’t get the MyPillow guy to come to him. So he did what he does best and went to the MyPillow guy. In his latest field piece from MAGA world, the long-serving correspondent traveled to Mike Lindell’s “free speech Woodstock” in Wisconsin with the hope of interviewing some of the election truthers who are still holding out hope that Donald Trump will return to the White House this summer. He likely never could have imagined that he would end up spending several minutes confronting Lindell himself before he took the stage to spread his 2020 lies.

Mike Lindell’s ‘Daily Show’ Interview With Jordan Klepper Was As Batsh*t Crazy As It First Appeared

Turns out Jordan Klepper’s visit to Mike Lindell’s MAGA rally was as bats*it as the MyPillow guy himself made it look. The Daily Show correspondent was among the several who turned out to his MAGA rally in Wisconsin over the weekend, and he managed to snag an interview with Lindell and many of the Trump supporters who still believe a long list of lies Trump’s litany of sycophants tout about the election and Trump’s apparent coming reinstatement to the presidency later this summer.
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Mike Lindell’s Plot To Sabotage ‘The Daily Show’ And Jordan Klepper Only Resulted In Him Looking Even More Batsh*t Than Usual

Mike Lindell hosted yet another poorly-attended rally this weekend, this one with Donald Trump in virtual attendance. The former-president wasn’t the headliner, however: Lindell spoke after him, by which point “the crowd, which had begun to filter out after Trump’s speech ended, had already significantly dissipated,” according to the Daily Beast.
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Jordan Klepper (‘Fingers the Pulse: Into the MAGA-Verse’) on experiencing the Capitol insurrection first-hand [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW]

“‘The Daily Show’ has always prided itself on having to adapt … You can’t really plan for this thing, but it wouldn’t be fun if you could,” says Jordan Klepper about his work covering Trump rallies for the Comedy Central series even after the COVID-19 pandemic struck. His segments, along with previously unaired footage, were collected into a variety special, “Jordan Klepper Fingers the Pulse: Into the MAGA-Verse.” Watch our exclusive video interview with Klepper above.

The Daily Show’s Jordan Klepper Visited The Arizona Recount To Discuss Bamboo Ballots, Antifa Carnies, And Other Batsh*t Conspiracy Theories

The Daily Show’s Jordan Klepper was in the minority when he visited Phoenix and the scene of the current Arizona recount, a.k.a. the third Arizona recount. For one thing, he seemed to be one of the few individuals not carrying a gun, which made him stand out in a sea of MAGAs. Nor did Klepper seem convinced of the competency of the Cyber Ninjas, the company running the recount, which has zero experience with recounts.

Jordan Klepper is on hand for (yet another) Arizona vote recount

You may have thought that by May of 2021, there wouldn’t be anything else to talk about as far as the 2020 election. Well, apparently you’d be wrong. Last week, the Arizona GOP was in the midst of a third recount/audit of the votes from the November election. And once again, Jordan Klepper is the guy on the scene for The Daily Show. In the latest installment, Klepper talks to a man about BLM and ANTIFA meeting behind a carnival, investigates what Cyber Ninjas is, the graduation interference, and the search for bamboo paper ballots.
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"Barron 2052": Jordan Klepper goes deep into the MAGAverse and finds frightening new Trump obsession

Jordan Klepper from the "Daily Show" has embarked on a years-long mission to understand the MAGA world of Donald Trump's most fervent supporters. In a new 35-minute segment, Klepper takes viewers deep into the trenches of the MAGAverse and uncovers the MAGA psyche that led to the Jan. 6 insurrection. Klepper has described himself on the day of the Capitol insurrection as someone who "just wanted to find some laughs," but found himself in the midst of a rage-filled rally that quickly turned south.

Jordan Klepper Shares Never-Before-Seen Video From 'Awful' Day Of Insurrection

“The Daily Show” on Monday released previously unseen footage from the riot at the U.S. Capitol. In a video looking back at Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign rallies, correspondent Jordan Klepper also revisited “what that awful day of insurrection looked like on the ground from the point of view of a guy who was just there to find some laughs.”
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Watch ‘Jordan Klepper Fingers The Pulse – Into The MAGAverse’ Online

TheHDRoom may be paid a small commission for any services or products ordered through select links on this page. The Daily Show contributor Jordan Klepper revisits his 2020 time with the Trump Rallies in an all-new Comedy Central half-hour special, The Daily Show with Trevor Noah Presents: Jordan Klepper Fingers The Pulse – Into The MAGAverse. It features never-before-seen footage and all-new interviews.
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Comedian Jordan Klepper talks ‘Into the MAGA-verse’ special

CHICAGO — WGN’s Dean Richards talked to one of the break out stars of comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” first with Jon Stewart and now with Trevor Noah. Jordan Klepper has specialized in being their “man on the street” talking to unwitting politicians and for the past year has been attending Donald Trump rallies and talking to his supporters all of which was compiled into a special called “Into the MAGA-verse.”
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Comedy Central Sends Jordan Klepper Back Into the MAGAverse

Few people captured the surreality of the 2020 Presidential campaign better than Jordan Klepper, whose reporting from Trump rallies for The Daily Show with Trevor Noah amassed hundreds of millions of views online. For one night only, he's returning to the Trump beat with a new half-hour special, Jordan Klepper Fingers The Pulse - Into The MAGAverse.