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Rick and Morty Season 5 Teases Space Beth Fallout in Episode 2 Promo

Rick and Morty's newest Season 5 promo is teasing the fallout of Space Beth's arrival in the next episode! The fan favorite animated series has finally returned to Adult Swim for its much anticipated fifth season, and many fans had been wondering how the shake ups seen in the Season 4 finale would have an impact on the rest of the series. Surprisingly, it turned out to be not much at all as the first episode of Season 5 was a new adventure featuring the core members of the family dealing with a different kind of problem.
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Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet Prime Day deal: Save 50% on the bestselling device

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that Amazon Prime Day is the time to bag an absolute bargain. There are myriad exciting offers on everything from tech and TVs to home appliances and toys. And we’re here, keeping you up to date by rounding up the very best deals on laptops, games and fashion, as well as the discounts on big-name brands such as Apple, Nintendo Switch and Amazon’s own devices. But, if it's a new tablet you’re after, you’ve come to the right place, because we’ve just spotted a whopping discount on the Amazon Fire 10 HD. Despite its relatively...
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Boost Your Home WiFi With This Google Nest Mesh WiFi System, 30% Off For Amazon Prime Day

Boosts WiFi signal across more than 4,000 square feet and on hundreds of devices simultaneously. Shop the rest of our Prime Day deal picks here. Now that everyone is working, playing, watching, and listening digitally all the time, your WiFi is under more stress than ever. This Google Nest mesh WiFi system plugs into your modem, acting as a signal boost that optimizes your connection throughout more than 4,000 square feet of home, and across as many as 200 connected devices at once, even while they’re all streaming high-definition content. This smart system automatically updates itself and adjusts to optimize connections behind the scenes.

Study calls for more research to clarify the effects of cannabis on brain development of young adults with ADHD

At least so far, the currently limited research base does not establish that cannabis has additional adverse effects on brain development or functioning in adolescents or young adults with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), concludes a review in the July/August issue of Harvard Review of Psychiatry. The journal is published in the Lippincott portfolio by Wolters Kluwer.

Wild Flowers and Bees Contend With Climate Heat

Thanks to climate heat, this could be the last farewell to mossy saxifrage, to alpine wormwood and mignonette-leafed bittercress. With them could go plants most people could hardly name: dwarf cudweed, alpine stonecrop, mossy cyphel, cobweb houseleek and two kinds of hawkweed. All of them are mountain-dwellers, hardy little plants that depend for their existence on alpine glaciers.
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Klingon Necklace

If one is not together, one is not honored. Sculpted in solid sterling silver, the Klingon Necklace is plated in contrasting black rhodium and hand-painted yellow gold. Inspired by the ornate scale-like textures and regal color scheme of Klingon armor in Star Trek: Discovery. The pendant’s prominent center ridge is an homage to Lieutenant Commander Worf, son of Mogh, of the House of Martok. Quote engraved on the reverse, it hangs from a black rhodium-plated sterling silver 20 to 24-inch adjustable curb chain.
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Closed-door Games? Tokyo 2020 to decide on allowing fans

Tokyo Olympics organisers and Japanese officials meet Monday to decide whether fans will be allowed at the pandemic-postponed Games, just weeks before they open. With the opening ceremony looming on July 23, organisers are scrambling to finalise preparations, but the decision on spectators has been left as late as possible.

Eeyore with a Heart Balloon

Even Eeyore has a hard time frowning in this precious Jim Shore piece. Eeyore has a heart balloon latched to his mouth that will have him start floating away with love soon enough. Turn Eeyore's frown upsidedown by adding this to your collection today!

The Dark Crystal: The Ultimate Visual History

A true masterpiece brought to life by the ingenious puppetry and peerless storytelling of Jim Henson, The Dark Crystal is revered by an entire generation of fans. For the first time, this deluxe and highly comprehensive book tells the complete story of this deeply personal Henson project, highlighting the unique creative journey and groundbreaking techniques that brought the film to the screen. Drawing from unseen archive interviews with Jim Henson and new interviews with the film’s behind-the-scenes creative team, The Dark Crystal: The Ultimate Visual History leaves no stone unturned in chronicling the entire production, from the initial concept based on themes close to Henson’s heart to the ingenious conceptual design, puppet construction, and logistics of the shoot itself.

Study uncovers new mechanisms underlying lineage plasticity

Cancer cells have an uncanny ability to evolve and adapt to overcome the treatments used against them. While patient survival has been extended by modern drugs that block the production or action of male hormones that fuel prostate cancer -- androgen receptor inhibitors such as enzalutamide, apalutamide, darolutamide, and abiraterone -- eventually these drugs stop working.
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Hall of Famer Gerald Brisco opens up on Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon has created over the decades a veritable empire with WWE, the largest wrestling company and business on the entire planet. Often they have come up with criticisms on the ways of the Chairman and especially in recent times not everyone has appreciated the ways in which the WWE president moved his authority in the company.
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A Two-Tone Pink Shower and Green Carpeted Stairs Make This MCM Anything But Expected

Shannon McLaren, the owner of Prairie Home Styling, spent three years courting her Newport Beach, California, neighbor, leaving letters in her mailbox telling her how much she admired her home. “I just loved the bones of it,” she says. The circa-1960 house has windows and character galore, and it sits on a half-acre lot surrounded by 20-foot trees, so it is also incredibly private. As it turned out, the friendly correspondence paid off in 2019, when her neighbor said the place was for sale and was McLaren’s if she wanted it. “It had been a long time coming,” says the designer.

Study shows that neurons establish functional connections only with one retina

The visual thalamus is classically known to relay visual stimuli coming from the retina to the cerebral cortex. Researchers from the Max Planck Institute of Neurobiology now show that although neurons in the mouse visual thalamus connect to both eyes, they establish strong functional connections only with one retina. These...

Elsa (Frozen II)

Grateful that her kingdom now accepts her, Elsa works tirelessly to serve as a good queen. But, deep down, she can’t help wonder why she was born with magical powers. Curiosity becomes action when an ancient magic reawakens, threatening Arendelle and all she loves. Through an epic journey of self-discovery and fierce challenges, Elsa realizes why she was bestowed with unique gifts and the life she was meant to live.