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This Is Us star Jon Huertas reacts to fans who didn't like Miguel

This Is Us actor Jon Huertas has reflected on the initial unpopularity of his character Miguel Rivas. A recurring face since the time-twisting family drama's opening season, it took a while for fans to warm to Miguel, with the backdrop of his and Jack Pearson's supposed rivalry. Speaking exclusively to...
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Castle star Jon Huertas talks possible return following cancellation

Castle star Jon Huertas said he would love to return to the show for another season or a reboot following its untimely cancellation in 2016. "I would do something Castle-related, for sure, because we didn’t get to end it on our terms," he said in an exclusive interview with Digital Spy.
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This Is Us' Jon Huertas Teases What Fans Can Expect From the Series Finale

Watch: Jon Huertas Teases EMOTIONAL 2nd to Last Episode of This Is Us. Don't expect a controversial ending for This Is Us. In an exclusive interview with E! News, This Is Us star Jon Huertas, who played Mandy Moore's second husband Miguel Rivas for all six seasons, promised that fans "should expect closure and satisfaction" from the series finale. Though Huertas said "there are gonna be tears" during the final episode on May 24, he also said viewers will be "smiling the whole time."

This Is Us' Jon Huertas Reveals the Promise He Made to Mandy Moore After Wrapping the Series

Watch: Jon Huertas Teases EMOTIONAL 2nd to Last Episode of This Is Us. For This Is Us co-stars Jon Huertas and Mandy Moore, it's goodbye for now. In an exclusive interview with E! News, Huertas, who played Moore's second husband Miguel Rivas for all six seasons, revealed that he and his on-screen wife made a very special vow as This Is Us wrapped production: "We promised that we would work together in the future."

‘This Is Us’ star Jon Huertas reveals the essential prop he’s taking from the show

Fans may be crushed “This Is Us” is coming to an end, but one of the show’s stars says it's time to say goodbye. “I think it should end now,” Jon Huertas, who plays Miguel on the hit NBC drama, told TODAY in a phone interview. “I think that you will run out of real estate if you’re just going after more seasons, more money, whatever. I think you’ll just run out real estate storywise and (creator) Dan Fogelman had a very specific goal to make this show five or six seasons.

This Is Us' Jon Huertas Reveals That Miguel Was Almost a Totally Different Character

Watch: Jon Huertas Teases EMOTIONAL 2nd to Last Episode of This Is Us. This is us having our minds blown by Jon Huertas. In an exclusive interview with E! News, the This Is Us star revealed that his character, Miguel Rivas—best friend to Jack Pearson (Milo Ventimiglia) and eventual second husband to Jack's wife, Rebecca (Mandy Moore)—was very different on paper before he was cast on the NBC drama. Specifically, Huertas shared that the character was originally named Mike and was not identified as a Latin American male.

This Is Us' Jon Huertas Proves Miguel Is the Most Underrated Pearson Family Member

Watch: "This Is Us" Casts' Most Surprising Celebrity Fans. Miguel Rivas is a lesson in patience. When the character, played by veteran actor Jon Huertas, first appeared on This Is Us, fans weren't sure what to make of him. After all, he was introduced as Jack's (Milo Ventimiglia) best friend who went on to marry Jack's wife Rebecca (Mandy Moore). A tough situation for anybody to make a decent impression.

‘This Is Us’ star Jon Huertas talks about character Miguel Rivas

(NBC) — It’s getting real for fans of NBC’s “This Is Us” and the show is down to its final four episodes. Tuesday’s episode focuses heavily on the character of Miguel, played by actor Jon Huertas, and his relationship over the years with the Pearson family, first as a friend and then eventually as a […]

'This Is Us' Star Jon Huertas Teases Long-Awaited Miguel Episode (Exclusive)

With just four episodes remaining in the final season of This Is Us, the groundbreaking intergenerational family drama is getting ready to tie up its tale and that means finally getting to understand one of the show's most beloved characters, Miguel Rivas played by Jon Huertas. Over the years, fans have only seen glimpses of Miguel's past and current relationship with matriarch Rebecca Pearson (Mandy Moore), but never received the full picture of who he is. Ahead of tonight's new episode aptly titled "Miguel," Huertas previews to what fans can expect from the surefire heartbreaking journey that will chronicle Miguel's life over the years.

This Is Us star Jon Huertas braces you for tonight's maximum Miguel episode

Before This Is Us closes down, Miguel gets his close-up. In the fourth-to-last-ever episode of NBC's hit family drama, titled "Miguel," the story of Jack's best friend and Rebecca's second husband (Jon Huertas) will be laid bare — from the Roberto Clemente-worshipping kid who moved with his family from Puerto Rico to Pennsylvania, all the way to the devoted husband caring for Rebecca (Mandy Moore) as her battle with Alzheimer's continues. "If people have been wanting this Miguel episode, they're going to get way more Miguel than they bargained for," Huertas quips to EW. "They are going to get a giant mouthful of Miguel. It's called 'Miguel' for a reason. Dan [Fogelman, TIU creator] really wanted Jonny Gomez [the TIU writer who penned the episode] to dive deep into who Miguel is, what makes him tick, what informed him as a character, as a man. I got to jump into the writers' room a little bit and infuse much of my own personal journey and stories and anecdotes that we could mold into the character and make it fit Miguel."

How ‘This Is Us’ Star Jon Huertas, Director Zetna Fuentes & Writer Jonny Gomez Collaborated To Tell Miguel’s Story

Click here to read the full article. SPOILER ALERT: The following story reveals major plot points from tonight’s episode of NBC’s This Is Us. For six seasons, fans of NBC’s This Is Us have felt a wide range of emotions toward the character of Miguel—mostly disdain—which they had to reconcile on tonight’s episode of the series aptly titled “Miguel.” The episode tips its hat to a humble and good man, an Afro Latino caught between two worlds never feeling like he fit anywhere perfectly until he fell in love with a woman named Rebecca (Mandy Moore). The final product is a collaboration...