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Lena Dunham says Jon Bernthal should teach on ‘how to be a man in a sex scene’

Los Angeles, Aug 4 (SocialNews.XYZ) Actress Lena Dunham thinks co-star Jon Bernthal should give lessons on "how to be a man in a sex scene." The 36-year-old actress also praised 45-year-old Bernthal for his "thoughtfulness" when directing him during intimate shoots for her newest film 'Sharp Stick', which tells of a naive young woman, played by Kristine Froseth, 26, who begins an affair with an older employer, reports
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The Film Buffa at the Movies: Is Jon Bernthal back as The Punisher?

ST. LOUIS — "Do we really need another Marilyn Monroe story?" A fair question asked by a commenter on my Film Buffa Facebook page after I posted this picture of Ana de Armas as Marilyn Monroe. She's starring as the legendary actress and entertainer who had one of the most mysterious deaths that still boggles the mind to this day. It's that endless intrigue that writer/director Andrew Dominik chases in his reportedly two-hour, 46-minute biopic, "Blonde," which is based on Joyce Carol Oates' novel. However, most of Dominik's film is a fictionalized account of her personal life, something that many see as a mystery. Was she damaged by the overabundance of fame, or did she just get in with the wrong crowd?
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Jon Bernthal is talking 'The Walking Dead' and training in Moscow with Rob Lowe: Listen now

Jon Bernthal joins Rob Lowe on the latest episode of the Literally! podcast. During the conversation, Bernthal explains why he left the United States for an intense training session in Russia. The famed actor took the advice of his acting teacher at the time, who recommended that he attend the Moscow Art Theatre. “I was there for two years,” says Bernthal. “I didn't have internet. There were no cell phones. I literally just went.” He adds, “it's enormously disciplined… enormously brutal but beautiful at the same time.”

'American Gigolo' trailer: Jon Bernthal stars in Showtime reboot

July 14 (UPI) -- Showtime is giving a glimpse of the new series American Gigolo. The network shared a trailer for the drama series Thursday featuring Jon Bernthal. American Gigolo is a reboot of the 1980 film of the same name. The original movie starred Richard Gere as Julian Kay, a high-end male escort who becomes a suspect in a murder case.

Jon Bernthal Strips Down in Showtime's American Gigolo Trailer

Jon Bernthal bares all in the official trailer for American Gigolo, Showtime's series adaptation of the iconic 1980s film. Set in the present day, the eight-episode American Gigolo follows Julian Kaye (Bernthal) as he is released from prison after serving 15 years for a wrongful conviction. Julian must navigate relationships with his former lover (Gretchen Mol), his troubled mother, and the many people who betrayed him, all while reconciling his past life as an escort with the man he is today.

‘American Gigolo’ Trailer: Jon Bernthal Is a Tortured Lead in Showtime Sexy Remake Series

It’s date night for Showtime, and to prepare, they’ve brought the first official trailer for their steamy new series, American Gigolo. Starring Jon Bernthal as sex worker Julian Kaye, the highly-anticipated ten-episode series is set to premiere on Showtime on September 9, telling the story of a man desperate to discover the truth while simultaneously struggling to hold onto his sense of identity.

Jon Bernthal is Almost Too Sexy in Showtime’s ‘American Gigolo’ Trailer

Showtime‘s American Gigolo is giving the people what they want and what they want is Jon Bernthal. The actor oozes new levels of radioactive sex appeal in the first trailer for Showtime’s American Gigolo. The eight-episode series is an update of the famous 1980 film, but who cares about that? We just want to see Jon Bernthal strutting in suits, Jon Bernthal pulling down his pants, Jon Bernthal catching a pair of keys, Jon Bernthal brushing his hand up a lady’s bare back in public, Jon Bernthal… Well, you get the idea. We want to see Jon Bernthal and the American Gigolo trailer delivers.

Jon Bernthal in Showtime’s American Gigolo trailer, release date, and more

Jon Bernthal is everywhere these days! The Walking Dead fans will never forget him for his portrayal of Shane Walsh, but it seems ages ago since he has played that role. Since then, he has been a very busy man. He is currently starring in HBO’s We Own This City to rave reviews, and next up, he will star in Showtime’s American Gigolo series.