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Jon Bernthal to Star in 'American Gigolo' TV Show for Showtime

Punisher and Walking Dead star Jon Bernthal has landed a new role, playing the lead in a new American Gigolo TV show for Showtime. According to Deadline, the new show will be a re-imagining of the classic '80s film, which starred Richard Gere and Lauren Hotton. In the Showtime series, Bernthal will play Julian Kaye — the role originated by Gere — as he tried to rebuild his life after he is released from prison 15 years after being sentenced for a crime he didn't commit.
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Saratoga Springs,

Actor Jon Bernthal Pays Moving Tribute to Saratogian Josh Chambers at Memorial Service

Back in February, Saratoga Springs lost a true legend in Josh Chambers. A Greenwich native and Skidmore College graduate, Chambers made a name for himself around Saratoga in the 1990s as both a musician—his Skidmore band Throwdown Bouquet was a mainstay at local venues like Caffè Lena—and playwright and director (he staged a number of plays at the Saratoga folk venue, too).
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Why Jon Bernthal Should Not Be The MCU’s Wolverine

Before Jon Bernthal took on the role of the biggest anti-hero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he was once a part of what used to be the biggest show on television. If you’re a fan AMC’s The Walking Dead, then you’ll remember him when he was a part of its glory days. And then things got very complicated for the series, but sadly, his character Shane didn’t stay on it very long. But at least he lasted longer than he did in the comics. I was actually a fan of Shane and it’s mostly because of Jon Bernthal’s fantastic performance. I’ll just say it, but season two is seriously underrated and I’ll give much credit to Shane. I wasn’t too happy when he died, because I think his character had more to offer in future seasons.
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Green light for the ‘American Gigolo’ TV series starring Jon Bernthal

Showtime has officially announced the completion of a television reboot of‘American Gigolo’, new series based on the 1980 film directed by Paul Schradery starring Richard Gere. This time it will be Jon Bernthal (‘The Walking Dead’) who will assume the main role of Julian Kay, in a story that will serve as a continuation of the original film.
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'American Gigolo' TV Reimagining Starring Jon Bernthal Picked Up at Showtime

Showtime has officially given a series pickup to the American Gigolo reimagining starring Jon Bernthal (The Punisher, The Walking Dead) in the lead role and written and directed by David Hollander (Ray Donovan). Bernthal has been attached to the project since last year, and a pilot was filmed, but this is the first confirmation that the network will be moving forward with the crime drama show, which marks Bernthal's return to the small screen.
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‘American Gigolo’ Reboot Starring Jon Bernthal Gets Showtime Series Order

Showtime has given a series order to American Gigolo, its long-in-the-works series adaptation, with Ford v. Ferrari and The Walking Dead alum Jon Bernthal attached to star and produce. The project hails from David Hollander (Ray Donovan) Paramount TV Studios and Jerry Bruckheimer Television. Paramount TV originally teamed with Jerry...

Jon Bernthal turns Gigolo for Showtime

US premium cablenet Showtime has ordered a series adaptation of 1980 film American Gigolo, with The Walking Dead and The Punisher star Jon Bernthal playing the lead. Written and directed by David Hollander (Ray Donovan) and Jerry Bruckheimer, who produced the original Richard Gere-starring film, the American Gigolo series will be produced by Paramount Television Studios.
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‘American Gigolo’ TV Series Will Star Jon Bernthal and Re-Imagine the Original Film

Breaking news: Jon Bernthal is a gigolo. An American Gigolo, that is. Bernthal, a very good actor who should really be a bigger star by now, is set to star in a Showtime series based on the 1980 Richard Gere movie American Gigolo. Bernthal will play a guy recently released from prison who hopes to get his life back on track. And, if we’re to take the title literally, he’ll become a gigolo at some point.

Showtime Picks Up ‘American Gigolo’ Series With Jon Bernthal

Showtime has given a series pickup to the drama American Gigolo from Ray Donovan‘s David Hollander and starring producer Jon Bernthal (The Punisher). Written and directed by Hollander, the series is executive produced by Jerry Bruckheimer who previously produced the 1980 film upon which the series is inspired. Joining Bruckheimer as executive producers on the project are Jonathan Littman and KristieAnne Reed.

Did Jon Bernthal Just Tease Joining Netflix's Hulk Hogan Movie?

Jon Bernthal has wrestling fans wondering if he'll play a part in the upcoming Hulk Hogan biopic. On May 30, the 44-year-old actor, known for his roles in The Walking Dead and The Punisher, shared a vintage photograph of the WWE and WCW icon on his Instagram. While Bernthal shares photos of entertainment legends from time to time — such as DMX and Waylon Jennings — this one felt a bit random. Some on social media are speculating it was a tease of Bernthal joining the Hogan movie, which is in the works at Netflix.
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Jon Bernthal to star in a new HBO series and some Punisher rumors

The majority of Walking Dead fans disliked the character Shane Walsh, the hot-headed best friend of Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) but have nothing but love for the actor, Jon Bernthal. He did an outstanding job in his portrayal of Walsh, and fans have often wondered how he would stand against some of the other villains in the series. Bernthal has been a busy guy since leaving The Walking Dead and has been cast in a new HBO limited series We Own This City.
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Jon Bernthal Starring in HBO Limited Series “We Own This City”

One would think that any police-related shows or movies at this time would be subject to a lot of bad press simply because of what’s been happening in the nation for a while, but that’s not stopping Jon Bernthal and his costars from starring in We Own This City on HBO as they detail the rise and subsequent fall of Baltimore’s Gun Trace Task Force. For anyone that’s not up on what happened during the course of this tale, it might be wise to brush up a bit before sitting down to watch this series. The furious days that gave rise to the book that inspired this project are likely going to be given a great amount of detail since Bernthal has made a huge name for himself in recent years when it’s come to his acting, and drama has been one of his best skills alongside his ability to deliver quality action.

Jon Bernthal, Josh Charles and Jamie Hector Join HBO’s ‘We Own This City’

Jon Bernthal, Josh Charles, and Jamie Hector are set for lead roles in HBO’s We Own This City, a new limited series from the team behind The Wire. Based on Baltimore Sun reporter Justin Fenton’s book We Own This City: A True Story of Crime, Cops and Corruption, the six-episode series will focus on the Baltimore Police Department’s Gun Trace Task Force.

Jon Bernthal, Jamie Hector & Josh Charles Cast In ‘We Own This City’ From The Creators Of ‘The Wire’

Honestly, how many times have you talked with someone about the best TV shows of all time, and “The Wire” gets mentioned? Yes, the show is incredible, but it’s almost a cliche at this point to put it up there with the “BeSt Tv EvEr.” That said, it doesn’t matter who’s in the cast and what the story is about, but if you tell me that the team behind “The Wire,” David Simon, Ed Burns, and George Pelecanos are reteaming for a new show, I’m there. However, with the upcoming “We Own This City,” those gentlemen also have the beginnings of a great cast to work with, as well.