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‘Family Affair’ Star Johnny Whitaker Opened Up About Being a Child Actor

Family Affair star Johnny Whitaker was everywhere back in the 1960s into the early 70s. Of course, there was his role as Jody on Family Affair. He’s 62 now, but fans always will know him as the red-headed twin of Buffy, who came to live with Uncle Bill and Mr. French in NYC. But there were other projects besides Family Affair, a show Whitaker started when he was a seasoned 6 years old.
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‘Family Affair’ Star Johnny Whitaker Opened Up About His Struggles for Sobriety

The Family Affair twins were the cutest first graders on TV. The country fell in love with Buffy and Jody, along with the entire premise of the show. On the series, Bill Davis (Brian Keith) was a single man who traveled the world as a civil engineer. He employed a British valet named Mr. French (Sebastian Cabot). And the two resided in a penthouse apartment in Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Then one day he learned his brother and sister-in-law were killed in a car crash back home in Indiana. Bill now was the guardian of 15-year-old Cissy and 5-year-old twins, Buffy and Jody. It truly became a Family Affair as Uncle Bill needed to tweak his bachelor life, while Mr. French became the de facto nanny.