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TV tonight: John Simm stars as Detective Roy Grace

John Simm stars as DS Grace in this two-part adaptation of the bestselling Roy Grace detective novels by Peter James. Tonight’s feature-length opener sees Grace still plagued by the disappearance of his wife Sandy six years before and his increasingly unorthodox investigation methods coming under scrutiny during a local muder trial. An intriguing case of a stag night prank gone wrong, leaving the groom-to-be missing, could provide the key to his redemption though. Co-starring Richie Campbell. Ammar Kalia.
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What’s on TV this weekend: John Simm stars in ITV’s adaption of Peter James’ Grace novel series

It’s the morning after the fall of the Berlin Wall, East German intelligence is busy shredding files and allocating agents to infiltrate West Germany, while Martin (Jonas Nay) has competing Russian and CIA job offers, both with the options: get arrested, get killed or get hired. However, his most urgent concern is to keep his son Max from being carted off to Moscow. This thrilling sequel has found a story-telling sweet spot in the events of 1989 as the characters adapt to survive. Walter (Sylvester Groth) is given a cover as a banker, complete with “wife” and “home” in Frankfurt, while Wolfgang embraces capitalist free enterprise, kompromat included.

John Simm on his new ITV detective drama, Grace: ‘Nobody wants to see Covid on film’

Morse, Lewis, Taggart, Bancroft, Luther, Poirot… there is a pleasingly terse quality to surname-only titles of TV detective dramas, though occasionally – with the likes of Vera and Endeavour – we’re invited to be on more familiar terms. Talking of ITV’s Morse prequel, Endeavour, its creator, Russell Lewis, has now adapted the bestselling novels of crime writer Peter James to bring us Grace, the latest detective show brusquely named after its protagonist.
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'Cold Courage' Full Cast List: Meet Sofia Pekkari, Pihla Viitala, John Simm, Arsher Ali and rest of the stars from AMC+ Nordic noir

With a backdrop of bleakness, troubling backstories and dark palettes of grim greys and blue hues, 'Cold Courage' ticks all the right boxes for a becoming Nordic noir with a merry mix of accents. The series is based in London and follows two young Finnish women in the capital, who are drawn 'inexorably together via the Studio — a clandestine group dedicated to bringing justice to those beyond the law'.
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John Simm meets Tracy-Ann Oberman: 'Without the audience, we’re just shouting in a room'

John Simm’s dad encouraged him towards a career on stage; Tracy-Ann Oberman’s parents were horrified by the idea. Both became household names on television – in Life on Mars and EastEnders respectively – but both love the camaraderie and unpredictability of live theatre. Simm’s theatre credits include Hamlet, Macbeth and the Norwegian odd-couple comedy Elling. Oberman is due to star as Shylock in a tour of The Merchant of Venice that has been postponed because of the pandemic.

John Simm: Grace will terrify viewers

John Simm has warned ITV viewers that his upcoming thriller 'Grace' will terrify them by haunting their imaginations. John Simm has warned his new thriller 'Grace' will terrify viewers. The 50-year-old actor plays a detective haunted by the disappearance of his wife in the upcoming ITV show, which is set...
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John Simm hopes to keep making new detective show Grace 'for years to come'

John Simm says that landing the role of TV detective Roy Grace was “manna from heaven” and he now hopes to have a job for life. The Life on Mars star is hoping to follow in the footsteps of long-running TV detectives Morse, Taggart and Frost as he plays the unorthodox DS Grace in the feature-length films, adapted from the best-selling novels by Peter James.