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TV tonight: John Simm stars as Detective Roy Grace

John Simm stars as DS Grace in this two-part adaptation of the bestselling Roy Grace detective novels by Peter James. Tonight’s feature-length opener sees Grace still plagued by the disappearance of his wife Sandy six years before and his increasingly unorthodox investigation methods coming under scrutiny during a local muder trial. An intriguing case of a stag night prank gone wrong, leaving the groom-to-be missing, could provide the key to his redemption though. Co-starring Richie Campbell. Ammar Kalia.
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John Simm meets Tracy-Ann Oberman: 'Without the audience, we’re just shouting in a room'

John Simm’s dad encouraged him towards a career on stage; Tracy-Ann Oberman’s parents were horrified by the idea. Both became household names on television – in Life on Mars and EastEnders respectively – but both love the camaraderie and unpredictability of live theatre. Simm’s theatre credits include Hamlet, Macbeth and the Norwegian odd-couple comedy Elling. Oberman is due to star as Shylock in a tour of The Merchant of Venice that has been postponed because of the pandemic.