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John Roberts: The man in the middle

Here’s something you may not know unless you’re part of the insular world of Federalist Society shindigs or closely follow the Supreme Court: Legal conservatives of a certain stripe don’t like Chief Justice John Roberts. Despite being nominated by George W. Bush and despite his previous job as a clerk...
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John Roberts Just Pulled Off His Greatest Judicial Magic Trick

Chief Justice John Roberts’ skills as a judicial magician are well known, but his performance in Thursday’s Fulton v. Philadelphia may be his finest trick yet. Somehow, Roberts was able to create a six-justice majority to hold that Philadelphia violated the Constitution when it ended its contract with a foster care agency that turns away against same-sex couples. He united the three liberals together with Justice Amy Coney Barrett and Brett Kavanaugh in support of a taxpayer-funded agency’s ability to discriminate against gay people. At the same time, Roberts affirmed that preventing anti-gay discrimination is a compelling state interest. And, to top it all off, he upheld a landmark precedent that a supermajority of the court apparently wants to overturn. We may never see a more masterful display of constitutional prestidigitation.
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SIT With John Roberts

“Stress, in general, is more feared than appreciated”. Stress is caused by persons, places, and daily acute alarm situations. Chronic or long-term and ongoing stress is a result of major life events as reported in the Holmes – Rahe Scale (11/1/19). They are quantified and include among other things, the impact of death; divorce; losing a job; changes in one’s health; financial situations et al. Symptoms can be physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, or relationship-related (10/25/19). The only time we can be “stress-free” is if we are dead, in a coma, a liar, or perhaps an infant. The ethos of this column is to make you “Stress “Hardy. This can be accomplished by living by the 4 C’s including regaining Control and Power in our lives; Commitment to ongoing Stress Inoculation Strategies; Challenging oneself to realistic goal setting; developing Closeness with support groups or a confidant (10/10/19).
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SIT With John Roberts

The Coronavirus Pandemic has created stress on our local restaurants. I had the opportunity to interview three well–known Rockaway restaurant owners: Dee Tubridy of Bungalow Bar; Sean Heeran of the Harbor Light and John Frati of Cusine by Claudette. They shared with me how the Pandemic affected them on a personal and business level.
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Bringin’ it Backwards: Interview with John Roberts

We had the pleasure of interviewing John Roberts over Zoom video!. EMMY nominated TV star, LGBTQ icon, comedian and nu-disco electronic artist John Roberts, best known as the voice of the lovable Linda Belcher on the hit TV show Bob’s Burgers, released his debut album, Lights Out (via X-Bop). Produced by Junior Sanchez, it features guest appearances from Debbie Harry, Beth Ditto and babydaddy (Scissor Sisters).
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John Roberts Bursts At The Seams With Debut LP, ‘Lights Out’

When John Roberts arrived in New York City in 1989, a musical revolution was already underway. That same year, techno/house producer Frankie Bones released “Call It Techno,” a hypnotic dose of new wave distortion. It was one of many foundational blocks to set up the techno explosion of the early ‘90s; creative masterminds like Moby and Joey Beltram were also crucial to what started as an underground movement and eventually erupted into the mainstream decades later.
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Fox’s John Roberts Corrects House Republican in Real Time on False Claim that U.S. Funded Research at Wuhan Lab

Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-WI) joined John Roberts on Fox News Monday to offer his reaction to a report in The Wall Street Journal about the origins of Covid-19. According to a previously undisclosed U.S. intelligence document, three researchers at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China became so sick in November 2019, they needed hospitalization. China had previously told the World Health Organization that the first recorded instance of a patient with Covid-like symptoms occurred in December, and this reporting has further fueled calls for an investigation into whether the virus originated in a lab. On Monday, a spokesman for China’s foreign ministry said the report is “completely untrue.”
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SIT With John Roberts

Sleep is restorative and beneficial to our bodies, mind, and soul. It affects our physiology and mental well–being. Lack of quality sleep causes poor mood, irritability, and leads to accidents and poor judgment. Most Americans spend about 1/3 of their lives sleeping. This is not necessarily deep and restful. Our hectic, stressful lives may not allow us to have peaceful rest. According to Donnelly et al., many Americans do not get enough sleep. They often exhibit symptoms of depression. Insomnia means you have trouble getting to sleep or failing to get back to sleep. It may be a result of a medical or psychological condition, i.e., anxiety, arousal, nightmares, or sleep terror.
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In the face of a potential threat that is distressing, humor may help develop: joy, optimism, compassion, hope, love, equanimity, or playfulness. Laughing with yourself and others is correlated with health and happiness. Sherman defines humor as the ability to take yourself lightly because your life seriously is self-destructive. Donnelly et al. notes that “laughter is the ability to feel inner joy.” Schiffman writes that “having a good sense of humor is an excellent way to relieve stress, anxiety, and bring back a sense of ‘Normalcy’ in these troubling times.”
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SIT With John Roberts

In last week’s column I introduced the concept of Happiness by asking, Is it a genetic trait or is it something learned? Is it an experience, based on knowledge or, choices made about our behavior and actions? Duckworth reported that high school students are dealing with remote learning and were, therefore, isolated from their friends. Teens are robbed of normal school days, sports, social life, first jobs, and graduations. Twenty – five percent (25%) reported having negative feelings. Time spent on social media made for worse moods. Carey, however, reported that older Americans reported: less stress; better emotional well–being; increased positive events; more awareness of narrowing time horizon; and gratitude toward more pleasing activities.