John Patitucci

John Patitucci - “Letter For Paul” (LeCoq)

Bassist Paul Jackson was the original low-end groover for jazz titan Herbie Hancock’s Headhunters, laying down those inimitable basslines for “Chameleon” and the classic’s other tracks. Following that 1973 milestone, he spent the rest of the seventies continuing to perform and record with Hancock, before moving to Japan. Jackson died in March of sepsis, just short of his 74th birthday, prompting one of his acolytes to release this tribute.
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John Patitucci: The Quintessence of Acoustic and Electric

The rock bassist that influenced me the most was Paul McCartney. We wore out Abbey Road. But what was even more powerful were the funk grooves of James Jamerson, Willie Weeks, and Chuck Rainey. John Patitucci had his life's work in mind at age twelve, At a time when most...
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New Music Monday—John Patitucci, Reggie Quinerly & Kenny Polson

New music premiering the week of March 29 include:. John Patitucci-Vinnie Colaiuta-Bill Cunliffe — “Trio”. When 3 musicians of this high caliber join forces to record, amazing playing abounds! Individually, each of the members of this prestigious trio have an awesome résumé, collectively they are in a league very few if any current trios belong to. They offer 9 killin’ interpretations of standards and well-known classics in this album that will be heralded way into the future.

John Patitucci/Vinnie Colaiuta/Bill Cunliffe: Trio (Le Coq)

Review of the first trio album that the lauded bassist, drummer, and pianist have made together. Standards trios, even those featuring revered players, aren’t exactly rare. But few offer the degree of creativity and intuitive interplay demonstrated by pianist Bill Cunliffe, bassist John Patitucci, and drummer Vinnie Colaiuta on their debut outing. Here it swings, there it sings, and everywhere Trio showcases the kind of magic that erupts when the right high-level players come together at the right time for an impromptu romp on the right material.