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St Louis Cardinals: John Mozeliak hints at moves to come

The St Louis Cardinals are spiraling but president of baseball operations John Mozeliak did not parse words about whether or not he is going to help. John Mozeliak does not usually put out smokescreens, so when the St. Louis Cardinals president of baseball operations opened up Sunday about the state of his current team, it’s best to pay attention.
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My Apology To John Mozeliak

This will be short and quick. John, a few years back I posted that I thought you were the main reason the Cardinals have failed to capture another ring after 2011. I am such a huge Cardinals fan, that all I was concerned about was immediate victories & establishing a record of glory.

5 questions for John Mozeliak on this week's Garage Happy Hour

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - Yes, you read that right. At long last, John Mozeliak is appearing on my "Garage Happy Hour" this week. "Well, it only took you a year to invite me," Mozeliak said to me on KMOX recently. He is correct, of course. The show that began at...
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John Mozeliak wants what most St. Louis Cardinals fans do: more offense

John Mozeliak, president of baseball operations for the St. Louis Cardinals, shares a common request with most fans of the team. John Mozeliak was not shy about what he expects from this team’s offense: more runs. While projections may not show favorably for more scoring for the Cardinals this summer,...
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St. Louis Cardinals: Let’s pause and appreciate John Mozeliak

St. Louis Cardinals President of Baseball Operations John Mozeliak has been riding high with fans. These moments are far too rare. We St. Louis Cardinals fans are a fickle bunch. We’re accustomed to success and expect nothing less. A season around .500 is a failure. And for better or for worse, John Mozeliak is a key reason for our elevated expectations.

Praising John Mozeliak

After months of doing nothing, the Cardinals finally did something. And by something, of course, I mean they re-signed Adam Wainwright and Yadier Molina, and traded for Nolan Arenado. This is one busy day for the end of the “new December”, and it has completely changed the outlook of the Cardinals 2021 season. However, more than that, these signing demonstrate the success that Mozeliak has had in creating a team that consistently contends for the division and the playoffs.