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Weather guru bids all fair winds, following seas | John Lindsey

We all reach milestones of happiness, sorrow and hope on our life's journey, graduation, recovery from an illness, marriage, and children to name a few. On June 30, I will reach a significant milepost with my retirement. Since 1991, I have had the honor, privilege, and absolute joy to deliver the PG&E Diablo Canyon Marine and Weather Forecast to our customers along the Central Coast.
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Cookiecutter sharks a foe of northern elephant seals | John Lindsey

Our family, including my sister Michelle from Santa Rosa and her two daughters Abigail, who attends Chico State, and Madeline, who will graduate from Cal Poly this month, visited the Piedras Blancas Rookery to view the northern elephant seals. It is located 7 miles north of San Simeon on Highway...

John Lindsey is Up & Adam in the Morning!

Famed Meteorologist John Lindsey shares with Adam what the $#@! is up with over a month worth of windy windy days, how hot can we expect it to b e this summer, and will there be any chance of rain? There’s talking weather, then there’s talking with John Lindsey!
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Water rescues require feats of human strength | John Lindsey

In the early '80s, when I was young, lean and much stronger, I felt invincible. I certainly wasn't, but I felt that way. I was a U.S. Navy search-and-rescue swimmer. We jumped from helicopters between 10 and 40 feet above the ocean into the water to save lives. There were two search-and-rescue schools in the early 1980s — one on the West Coast in San Diego and the other along the East Coast in Jacksonville, Florida.

Why are the gales of spring stronger this year? | John Lindsey

I have received countless emails and social media postings commenting on the stronger-than-normal northwesterly winds this spring. The San Luis Obispo Air Pollution Control District announced that consistent high winds over the past several weeks have impacted air quality on the Central Coast, especially in south San Luis Obispo County.