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John L. Smith On The Proud Boys And Nevada's Republican Party

Efforts by the far-right Proud Boys to influence the Nevada Republican Party have created controversy in the state GOP. The Proud Boys, self-described “Western chauvinists,” showed up at party events, anti-mask rallies, and in efforts to overturn Joe Biden’s presidential victory in Nevada. Some party members are concerned about the group’s involvement, but state GOP Chairman Michael McDonald says it’s a non-issue fanned by the news media.
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John L. Smith On The Review Of The Police Shooting Of Jorge Gomez

In this June 1, 2020, file photo, police and rescue workers swarm the intersection outside Lloyd D. George Federal Courthouse, where shots were fired in downtown Las Vegas. There have been dozens of reviews of police shootings and killings over the last several years. But one on Friday was a...
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John L. Smith On Nevada's Latest Gun Control Efforts

A gun control bill being discussed now in the Nevada Legislature could impact businesses statewide. Assemblywoman Sandra Jauregui introduced Assembly Bill 286, which would establish a criminal penalty for bringing a gun onto private property with a gun ban. It also addresses the growing trend of "ghost guns," which are...

John L. Smith On The New Innovation Zone Details

New details are emerging about the innovation zones idea that Governor Steve Sisolak pitched during his State of State address. The zones have been touted as counties that are set up by corporations as a way to draw businesses to the state. Nevada-based Blockchains LLC wants to create one on...
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John L. Smith On Nevada's Proposed Innovation Zones

When Gov. Steve Sisolak touted the concept of “innovation zones” in his State of the State address as a way to boost the economy, not too many people actually knew what he was talking about. But with the Legislature in session, we’re learning more about a plan by Blockchains LLC.,...
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John L. Smith On The Newest Effort To Change Nevada's Mining Taxes

The Nevada Legislature has begun grinding away under COVID-19 precautions in Carson City. And state residents reeling from the coronavirus pandemic are probably a little more interested in what lawmakers accomplish over the 120 days. One area that has long intrigued progressives is the tax advantage enjoyed by Nevada's mining...
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John L. Smith: Nye County GOP Lunacy 'Par For The Course'

Last week’s deadly riot at the nation’s Capitol by supporters of President Donald Trump was felt around the world. But John L. Smith says the extremist views of that group--who wanted to overturn the presidential election--are nothing new to Nevada. After all, Nevada's home to Bunkerville rancher Cliven Bundy and...
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John L. Smith On The Passing Of Joe Neal And Phyllis McGuire

2020 is finally behind us, but before it ended, it took two great Las Vegas characters. Phyllis McGuire led the McGuire Sister trio with number one hits such as "Sugartime" in the 1950s. Many more remember her as the girlfriend of mob boss Sam Giancana. And Joe Neal died on...