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How John Dillinger May Have Reformed The FBI

The Federal Bureau of Investigation, better known by its acronym FBI, is the one of the world's largest federal national security organizations. Founded in 1908 by then-Attorney General Charles Bonaparte, the federal agency was first created as an investigative unit of the Department of Justice, per the FBI's website. It later expanded, and the nation's intelligence agency was born. However, it didn't get its official name until 1935, according to History.
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The Stolen John Dillinger Car Comes Home

The 1933 Ford Police V-8 stolen by John Dillinger is back at the same jail from which he stole it 87 years ago. An enthusiast tracked down the car in Maine and it was restored to its original form. MARY LOUISE KELLY, HOST:. It was 87 years ago that a...
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This Is Why The Public Loved John Dillinger

If you're familiar with the story of the rebel Robin Hood then you know that "sticking it to the man" and any show of redistributing wealth is a commendable act. The legendary outlaw is considered a symbol of resistance against the powers that be because he famously stole from the rich and handed it out to the poor. In modern times, whenever someone either helps the poor or steals from the elite classes, they are often referred to as a Robin Hood.
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Lake County Sheriff’s car stolen by John Dillinger is returned to Crown Point 87 years later

Reporter, editor and Post-Tribune contributor Michelle L. Quinn joins WGN Radio’s Jon Hansen, in for Rick Kogan, to talk about the incredible return of a very historic car! The Lake County Sheriff’s car that John Dillinger stole during his escape from Crown Point, IN has been returned after 87 years and Michelle fills us in on the historic moment. You can read Michelle’s full article here.

Police Car Stolen By John Dillinger Returned To Indiana

A police vehicle stolen by infamous gangster John Dillinger in 1934, was returned to Lake County Indiana. Dillinger was being in held in the Lake County jail for murdering an East Chicago police officer in early 1934. On March 3, 1934 Dillinger escaped from the jail by holding up guards with a fake gun.
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The Truth About John Dillinger's Plastic Surgery

John Dillinger was one of the most notorious criminals in American history. According to Crime Museum, he robbed around a dozen banks across the Midwest, purloining over $300,000 over the course of his career. He twice escaped from prison and killed several police officers in order to make his getaways. He was pretty much the reason the government created the FBI, and the bureau's first director, J. Edgar Hoover, appointed a special task force to specifically try to bring Dillinger down. As you might expect, the criminal's face was plastered on Wanted posters and newspapers all over the country.