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John Coltrane: A Love Supreme: Live In Seattle

Until last year, John Coltrane was widely thought to have performed his masterpiece A Love Supreme only once live, on July 26, 1965, at the Festival Mondial du Jazz Antibes, in France. That assumption was upended with the October 2021 release on Impulse! of a private recording made some two...
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Cullum’s Notebook: Summer art exhibits, from “Cherry Picking” to John Coltrane

Although several galleries are featuring strong solo shows, a considerable number of metro Atlanta galleries are continuing the summer tradition of presenting group exhibitions. While these have customarily consisted of the entire range of gallery artists, the groups have now become much more differently defined, as these notes will indicate.
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A journey by bike to Strawberry Mansion and the homes of Jazz legends Sun Ra and John Coltrane highlights the inequity of historic preservation in Philadelphia

Tasso Hartzog writes a street’s eye view of historic preservation inequities and imagines two possible outcomes to this ongoing tragic imbalance – an Afrofuturist vision where jazz lives on in preserved historic homes, and a realpolitik vision with sad consequences. On a recent Wednesday morning, I biked to...

Blue Train heralds a movement forward for John Coltrane, Jazz

The ferment and collaboration of Jazz music in 1950s New York City led to many of my favorite records before or since. John Coltrane’s 1959 Blue Note album Blue Train is one of my favorites, for how it sounds and in the way that it marks a transition in his playing, a move forward from the strictures of Hard Bop. When he recorded Blue Train he was working as a member of Thelonius Monk’s band, in between stints with Miles Davis. A year and a half after Blue Train Coltrane would record Kind of Blue with Miles and two weeks after that he would record Giant Steps, placing him at the center of Jazz innovation as the 1960s beckoned. Blue Train is different in terms of Coltrane’s playing style and harmonics, and he wrote all but one of the songs. Coltrane’s band for the record included Miles’ Kind of Blue rhythm section of Paul Chambers and Philly Joe Jones. They brought in pianist Kenny Drew to the group. Jazz Messenger Lee Morgan plays trumpet. Future Jazz Messenger Curtis Fuller filled out the sextet on trombone. Blue Train is a great snapshot of Jazz and John Coltrane in 1959 and a foreshadowing of where they were headed. I’ll feature the title track Blue Train on Mainstream and Modern tonight in the ten o'clock hour.
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EverGreene to play before Festival Hall’s The Jazz Legacy Project: John Coltrane, The Beauty of the Struggle.

(Greensboro GA—-June 6, 2022). Festival Hall, Greensboro’s premier arts venue and cultural center is excited to have the talented sister group, EverGreene to play before The Jazz Legacy Project: John Coltrane, The Beauty of the Struggle, Thursday, June 16, 2022. Local sister folk-rock country band, EverGreene -Helen, Elisa...

Pink Floyd Greek style, with added John Coltrane!

Take some classic early Pink Floyd, in this case Set The Control For The Heart of The Sun, from 1968's second album Saucerful Of Secrets, throw in some greek 7/8 drumming rhythm, and then layer over the melody line from jazz great John Coltrane's A Love Supreme. You can listen to this musical concoction below.

MOJO Time Machine: Miles Davis , Chuck Berry, John Coltrane and more play Newport

Chuck Berry was feeling pretty chipper. In a few days he was due to move his family into the house of his dreams on 13 Windermere Place in the north side of St Louis. In the interim, he was to play a gig at Newport, Rhode Island’s jazz festival. He chuckled as he went into his duck walk during Sweet Little Sixteen. Festival organiser George Wein grimaced, however. “When he went into his duck walk, I literally cringed,” he claimed, “but the crowd loved it.”

Vinyl Watch, February 2022: John Coltrane, Duke Ellington & More

Vinyl is back! Each month on “Vinyl Watch,” we list some of the most noteworthy new vinyl releases — including new albums, reissues, special-edition box sets and more. At JAZZIZ, we share the vinyl community’s appreciation of the experience of collecting and playing vinyl records. As an increasing number of music fans discover the joy of vinyl, we hope these lists will serve as a starting point for new musical discoveries.

Honoring Black History – John Coltrane

(QUEEN CITY NEWS) – Music legend John Coltrane was born in Hamlet, North Carolina in 1926. Coltrane is known as one of the most talented and creative figures in the history of jazz. During the 1940s and ‘50s, he developed his craft as a saxophonist and composer. He...