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WWE's Roman Reigns Teases John Cena SummerSlam Match

There's no one bigger in WWE at the moment than Roman Reigns, and the Tribal Chief added to his impressive list of accomplishments by taking down Rey Mysterio in a Hell in a Cell match on last night's SmackDown. Before that match even happened though Reigns was dealing with another potential matchup, and this one is against another WWE legend in John Cena. With rumors regarding Cena's return and a possible match against Reigns starting to take hold, Reigns was asked about matching up with Cena again in a new interview with the ACC Network, and he made it clear where he stands on a battle against Cena.
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Former WWE star recalls his match against John Cena

John Cena was one of the greatest legends of recent history and not just of the WWE. In recent years Cena has devoted much more to television and film commitments rather than those in the ring with the company of Vince McMahon but despite this, the wrestler is still very popular and appreciated.
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Roman Reigns sends a message to The Rock and John Cena

For more than a year now, Roman Reigns has been the undisputed star of SmackDown and the face of WWE. His enormous success came after returning from a hiatus due to covid-19 which saw him join forces with Paul Heyman, the great manager of the company. In recent months, the...
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John Cena Shares Thoughts On Whether DC’s The Suicide Squad Is A Sequel Or A Reboot

DC's The Suicide Squad is almost here, and fans can't wait to see the new and improved squad in action. As the hype continues to build, David Dastmalchian has confirmed that he's seen the finished product, and his reaction has me crazy excited. However, some are probably still wondering whether the new film a sequel or a reboot. It's a fair question, especially since the first movie has been a major topic of discussion, as of late. The editor of the first film recently discussed the major changes that were made to David Ayer's Suicide Squad, and franchise star Joel Kinnaman has spoken about what went wrong with the original. Now, John Cena has shared his thoughts on whether James Gunn's film is a true continuation or a fresh take.

[Series] Peacemaker: John Cena on set and first episode titles

We had been bringing back images from the filming set of “Peacemaker”, the DC Comics series that will be one of the first to hit the HBO Max streaming platform. What’s more, its premiere is scheduled for January 2022. So it is a good time to bring the recent images that have reached the Internet. A filming that actor John Cena himself has said is nearing its end.

Roman Reigns Asks The Rock And John Cena To Stay Away From WWE

WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns has asked both The Rock and John Cena to focus on their Hollywood careers and stay away from the WWE. In a recent interview with ESPN’s SportsNation, Reigns was asked about his rumored match-ups against the aforementioned megastars. While speaking in-character, Reigns said: “Yeah, that...
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The Suicide Squad is "neither a sequel nor reboot" says star John Cena

James Gunn's take on The Suicide Squad is scheduled to hit theaters later this summer. And while certain details surrounding the production have emerged, such as the film's runtime (132 minutes), details of its cast, and whether anyone will survive (apparently that's a no), specifics over its place in the DC Extended Universe are... fuzzy.

John Cena Responds To WWE RAW Superstar: “Are We Getting The Band Back Together?”

Earlier on Thursday, WWE RAW Superstar Xavier Woods shared a video clip of him playing the bass guitar with John Cena’s 2005 track “Right Now” playing in the background. Cena noticed the video and asked Woods if they were getting the band back together. The 16-time World Champion also tagged his cousin Tha Trademarc [Marc Predka], his trainer Rob MacIntyre, and SmackDown Superstar Big E. Predka had collaborated with Cena on the 2005 album You Can’t See Me.

Roman Reigns On Potentially Facing John Cena At WWE Summerslam

Appearing on the ACC Network, WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns was asked about working during the pandemic and transitioning back into performing in front of fans. Reigns believed being in the Thunder Dome allowed WWE performers to show off new skills and layers to their work. “I think with the...

Roman Reigns Threatens Both John Cena and Dwayne Johnson Amid WWE Return Rumors

The two biggest dream matches WWE can provide right now are WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns taking on either John Cena or Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Reigns vs. Cena has been rumored for this year's SummerSlam in Las Vegas, while Reigns vs. Rock has been talked about either WrestleMania 38 (in Dallas) or 39 (in Los Angeles). Reigns appeared on SportsNation this week and was asked about the possibility of facing either man in the near future. "The Tribal Chief" used the opportunity to send a threat to both men.
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John Cena discusses his possible turn heel

One of the sides of John Cena that has never been explored in the last 15 years has certainly been that heel character that all fans of the WWE Universe have wanted to see throughout his career. Although the John Cena wrestler was born as a heel character, taking his first steps towards success just as one of the "villains" of the McMahon federation, this situation would have lasted very little for the fans.

John Cena Sends Bold Message To Big E

John Cena took to Twitter to call out Big E and respond to Xavier woods. Cena had a pretty bold statement to lay down for the two as well as John calling on some faces of the past. Jon Moxley Daughter ‘Disrespected’ By Big Name. John Cena shared a video...

John Cena Explores His Vulnerability and What He Brought to ‘F9’

Twenty years and more than $6 billion later, the Fast and Furious franchise is still burning rubber. Over the course of its gasoline-fueled lifespan, raising the stakes to impossible highs has proven irresistible. What started as a simple street racing gear-head fantasy has morphed into a globe-trotting super spy adventure. Highway chase scenes have been replaced by physics-defying set pieces of epically ridiculous proportions. Hot Wheels sports cars of the mid-aughts have been returned in favor of tanks, submarines, and magnet planes. And what began as a tight knit cast has transformed into a sprawling diverse ensemble.

John Cena Talks About His Second Chance In Hollywood

The professional wrestler turned actor has followed in similar footsteps as Dwayne Johnson as he is set to star in the upcoming Fast and Furious 9 movie. John Cena talked with Chris Van Vliet on his Insight podcast about how he got a second chance in Hollywood. After appearing in multiple WWE, Cena said that he had done, “a lot of bad movies.”