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John Cameron Mitchell discusses his role in The Sandman

As we edge closer to finally seeing a live-action adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s beloved comic The Sandman, we’re beginning to hear more from its many cast members. The Sandman, about the adventures of the anthropomorphic personification of Dreams, is undoubtedly one of the most ambitious shows Netflix has ever created; it’s already the most expensive TV show DC Entertainment has ever produced! Most recently, John Cameron Mitchell broke his silence and talked about what made him want to get involved.

John Cameron Mitchell on 'Joe vs. Carole,' Immersing Himself in Joe Exotic, and His 'Sandman' Role

Created by Kate McKinnon and Etan Frankel, the Peacock limited series Joe vs. Carole digs into the rivalry between zoo operator and big cat breeder Joe Exotic (John Cameron Mitchell) and big cat enthusiast Carole Baskin (McKinnon). The pair each knew exactly how to get under the other’s skin, and their clashing viewpoints about how to handle the exotic animals they both claimed to love led them down a road that landed Joe in prison for 22 years, for plotting Carole’s murder.

In 'Joe vs. Carole,' John Cameron Mitchell Plays Joe Exotic With Empathy

To land the role of Joe Exotic in Peacock’s “Joe vs. Carole,” John Cameron Mitchell did something he hadn’t done for 25 years: audition via self-tape. That time-honored process is, of course, rare among seasoned actors, and Mitchell is hardly a novice thespian. He created the title character in the rock musical “Hedwig and the Angry Inch,” later reprising the role to great acclaim in the film adaptation, which he also directed. Well-received stints on “Girls,” “The Good Fight” and “Shrill,” among other hit television series, have cemented his status as a queer icon.

John Cameron Mitchell: Playing Joe Exotic 'like Hedwig'

LOS ANGELES, March 3 (UPI) -- John Cameron Mitchell said playing Joe Exotic in Joe vs. Carole, premiering Thursday on Peacock, was similar to his character in Hedwig and the Angry Inch. "It was closer to something like Hedwig," Mitchell told UPI in a recent phone interview. "Hedwig, again with...

‘Joe vs. Carole’ star John Cameron Mitchell grew up hating his femininity

Texas native John Cameron Mitchell feels a kinship to Joe Exotic having grown up in homophobic culture. “He’s from that same generation that I am, from the same part of the country,” Mitchell — who portrays former zookeeper in the upcoming Peacock series “Joe vs. Carole” — tells Page Six. “I know what it’s like to hate yourself, to be told it’s better to be a murderer than for a boy to be like a girl. He’s still stuck there.”