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John Cameron Mitchell Teases How the Joe Exotic Miniseries Differs From Netflix's Docu-Series

Watch: "Tiger King" Star Joe Exotic Drops Memoir Exclusive. A role worth auditioning for. In an exclusive chat with E! News, John Cameron Mitchell opened up about his highly anticipated portrayal of Joe "Exotic" Schreibvogel. Back in April, it was announced that the Hedwig and the Angry Inch writer and star would be starring opposite Kate McKinnon in UCP's Joe Exotic miniseries.
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John Cameron Mitchell Reveals New Details About His Portrayal Of Joe Exotic

When it comes to the roles actor John Cameron Mitchell has played over the course of his career, the characters that have become intrinsically tied to his legacy have spanned the globe. From the iconoclastic East German genderqueer rocker Hedwig in the 2001 movie-musical "Hedwig and the Angry Inch" to the narcissistic Portland-based editor Gabe on the Hulu series "Shrill," the actor and director has run the gamut when it comes to the memorable dramatis personae he embodies. But now, it seems like Mitchell might be taking on a role that, for all intents and purposes, could ring truest to his roots than any character he's played before — and for reasons that might not be entirely obvious to the naked eye.
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John Cameron Mitchell was so excited to play Tiger King's Joe Exotic that it was the first role he auditioned for in 25 years

"I thought, 'Here's a role that's worth auditioning for.' You know, this is a crazy enough role to sink my teeth into. So, I'm over the moon," Mitchell said of the NBC Universal miniseries, co-starring Kate McKinnon as Carole Baskin. Mitchell added that the limited series will be much different from the Netflix docuseries. "I love what they're going to be doing with the story," he said. "It's going to be much more deeply felt, heartfelt than the docuseries, which is more sensational." ALSO: Carole Baskin is starting her own cryptocurrency.
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The Origin of Love: John Cameron Mitchell on “Hedwig,” “Shortbus,” and queer radicalism and 'Shortbus' reintroduces sexuality

The Origin of Love: John Cameron Mitchell on «Hedwig,» «Shortbus,» and queer radicalism and 'Shortbus' reintroduces sexuality. 'Shortbus' reintroduces sexuality and The Origin of Love: John Cameron Mitchell on «Hedwig,» «Shortbus,» and queer radicalism. Inside Veja's direct supplier model and repairs push. Sandholdt Urges Caution when Encountering Farm Machinery on...

John Cameron Mitchell Is Joe Exotic in Kate McKinnon's Tiger King Limited Series

John Cameron Mitchell (The Good Fight, Shrill) will don the mullet wig and handlebar mustache as Joe Exotic in NBCUniversal's Tiger King Limited Series Previously, Saturday Night Live favorite Kate McKinnon had been cast to play Joe's greatest rival, Big Cat Rescue CEO Carole Baskin, for the upcoming series. McKinnon will also executive produce alongside series writer Etan Frankel (Sorry for Your Loss, Shameless).

John Cameron Mitchell Will Play Joe Exotic in New TV Series

Over a year has passed since the world became obsessed with a gay polygamist/ private zoo owner and his feud with a Florida woman who ran a rival animal sanctuary, exclusively wore flower crowns, and may or may not have fed her ex-husband to tigers. Tiger King, the Netflix documentary...

John Cameron Mitchell Pulls the Joe Exotic Mullet Wig Down From the Shelf for NBC

There’s nothing John Cameron Mitchell loves more than a wicked little town, which is why he’s headed (onscreen, at least) to Wynnewood, Oklahoma, home of Joe Exotic’s one-time exotic animal park. According to Variety, the Hedwig And the Angry Inch star has been cast as the ostentatious zoo owner-turned-convicted felon across from Kate McKinnon’s Carole Baskin in NBCUniversal’s scripted take on Wondery’s podcast about the eccentric tiger owner and one-time Presidential nominee.
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'Joe Exotic' series to star Kate McKinnon, John Cameron Mitchell

LOS ANGELES - The "Joe Exotic" limited series in which Kate McKinnon will play Carole Baskin has cast John Cameron Mitchell to play the notorious "Tiger King" himself, Variety has learned. Mitchell has been cast as Joe "Exotic" Schreibvogel, the larger-than-life zoo owner in Oklahoma who loses himself in his...
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John Cameron Mitchell to star in ‘Joe Exotic’ limited Series

Following the success of Netflix's "Tiger King" last year, John Cameron Mitchell will star as Joe Exotic in a limited series depicting the relationship between Exotic and his rival big-cat owner Carole Baskin. Mitchell joins Kate McKinnon, who is slated to play Baskin, and says he is "thrilled to take on the role of this modern folk antihero."
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Tiger King TV shows casts John Cameron Mitchell as Joe Exotic

The new TV drama based on the story of Netflix’sTiger King has cast its Joe Exotic.Tiger King was a huge hit for the streaming service when it was released in March 2020, and a TV series was commissioned shortly after. Actor John Cameron Mitchell has been cast to play Exotic in the forthcoming limited series based on the Wondery podcast Joe Exotic: Tiger King.Mitchell, who has appeared in US TV shows such as Girls and Shrill, will star opposite Saturday Night Live’s Kate McKinnon, who has signed on to play Carole Baskin, the big cat activist against whom Joe...
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John Cameron Mitchell to play Joe Exotic in upcoming NBC series

NBCUniversal announced it’s officially tapped John Cameron Mitchell to play infamous "Tiger King" docuseries subject Joe Exotic in an upcoming series. The show will chronicle the events depicted in the hit 2020 documentary series from Netflix and previously announced that it tapped "Saturday Night Live" alum Kate McKinnon to play Joe’s real-life rival, Big Cat Rescue CEO Carole Baskin.