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After HBO’s Winning Time Is Criticized By Magic Johnson And More, John C. Reilly Recalls Sweet Encounter With Lakers Owner Jeanie Buss

This past weekend, HBO’s Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty finished up its lauded and criticized first-season run. Many fans and critics have praised the sports series, though Laker alums like Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar have spoken out against it. Amid the critiques though, it would seem that at least one of the show’s stars had a pleasant encounter with one of the NBA franchise’s bigwigs. John C. Reilly, who plays late team owner Jerry Buss, apparently had a lovely exchange with the man’s daughter – current controlling owner Jeanie Buss.
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John C. Reilly on His Favorite Directors: ‘Paul Thomas Anderson Was the First One Who Put It All Together’

Click here to read the full article. John C. Reilly is back in the limelight for his turn as Los Angeles Lakers owner Jerry Buss on “Winning Time,” the HBO series from longtime collaborator Adam McKay. The show marks his first TV drama role, one of the few things Reilly had yet to accomplish in his long Hollywood career that includes collaborations with many of film’s top directors. Reilly recently sat down with Vulture for a wide-ranging discussion about his career where he offered new details about his experiences working with Paul Thomas Anderson and Martin Scorsese. “Well, those directors all discovered...

John C. Reilly Stands by HBO’s ‘Winning Time’ Accuracy Amid Controversy: ‘This Is a Public Story’

Click here to read the full article. Adam McKay’s so-called Los Angeles Lakers love story “Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty” has been hit with criticisms over its portrayal of the 1980s NBA team. Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and Jerry West have all slammed the “false” series for over-the-top depictions and historical inaccuracies. Former Lakers coach and general manager West even threatened legal action against HBO over grounds of defamation. Now, lead star John C. Reilly, who portrays the late Lakers owner Jerry Buss, weighs in on the controversy. “The overall plot is based on historical fact, but we do fill...

‘Stars At Noon’: Benny Safdie, John C. Reilly Also Star In Claire Denis’ Cannes Drama

Did you know that despite having a career that has spanned four decades, celebrated French filmmaker Claire Denis has only had four of her films ever premiere at the Cannes Film Festival? And it’s been 24 years since Denis had a film debut in competition—1998’s “Chocolat” with Isaach de Bankolé. That finally changes this spring when Denis’ new film, “Stars At Noon” premieres and puts her back in the competition frame.

John C. Reilly praises Winning Time for its diversity: "HBO did an amazing thing the way they built this show"

Reilly says Winning Time is really an extension of his character Jerry Buss in its approach to diversity. “If we’re going to be frank, his super power was that he wasn’t racist,” Reilly said on a Deadline Contenders TV panel Sunday. “That was a radical thing to do at the time. The support of the Black community and everyone who spoke at his memorial shows you that I think that was his super power. To really see people, see who they were and what they could contribute and what they were capable of...Whether it’s his 18-year-old daughter (or) women stuck in administrative positions, he empowered them. He could see people. That idea if you can dream it, you can do it, he really lived that. He put everything he had into his dreams.” Reilly added: “Even though this show is about sports and entertainment, we’re trying to entertain you, the issues it deals with in terms of Black and white relations, that was some of the deepest stuff for me. For me, going to a set and being able to work with African-American actors every day, to have the crew represented by people of color, from top to bottom, HBO did an amazing thing the way they built this show. I felt very honored to be part of seeing those people.”

John C. Reilly Says ‘Winning Time’ Celebrates Lakers Owner Jerry Buss’ Leadership In Integration – Contenders TV

Click here to read the full article. John C. Reilly plays Los Angeles Lakers owner Jerry Buss in the HBO series Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty. Buss recruited Magic Johnson and turned the Lakers around beginning the late 1970s. Although Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was already on the team, Reilly said Buss’s color-blind recruiting paved the way for his success. Contenders TV — Deadline’s Complete Coverage “If we’re going to be frank, his super power was that he wasn’t racist,” Reilly said on a Deadline Contenders TV panel Sunday at the Paramount Theatre. “That was a radical thing to do at...

Deadline Contenders Television Arrivals – Day 2: John C. Reilly, Winona Ryder, Mindy Kaling, Dave Burd And More – Photo Gallery

Click here to read the full article. Deadline’s photo studio at the 2022 edition of Contenders Television kicked off its second day by hosting fest-goers such as John C. Reilly of Winning Time, Patrick Stewart of Star Trek: Picard, Daniel Dae Kim of The Hot Zone: Anthrax and many more. Click on the photo above to launch the gallery. Contenders TV — Deadline’s Complete Coverage Stay tuned for more galleries and video interviews from Deadline’s annual TV award-season kickoff event. Deadline Contenders Television is sponsored by Apple TV+, Eyepetizer, Final Draft, Los Siete Misterios, and Michter’s. Partners include: Desalto, Film AlUla, Four Seasons Resort Maui, Jason Mizrahi Design, ModMD, The American Pavilion, and Tidelli. More from DeadlineDeadline Photo Studio At Contenders Television - Day 1: Ben Stiller, Amy Poehler, Selena Gomez, Jared Leto And More - Photo GalleryDeadline's Contenders Television Set For TV Awards Season Launch Event - 47 Shows, 146 Speakers In Person And LivestreamedDeadline Photo Studio At SXSW Festival - Day 2: Nicolas Cage, Naomie Harris, Sara Bareilles And MoreBest of Deadline2022 Awards Season Calendar - Dates For The Emmys, Tonys & MoreAwards Season Red Carpet Photos: Grammys, Oscars, SAG Awards & MoreSpring Premiere Dates For New & Returning Series On Broadcast, Cable & Streaming

John C. Reilly Says He Had To Do His Own Monster Makeup For ‘Licorice Pizza’

In case you missed it (or blinked at the wrong time), John C. Reilly had a cameo in Paul Thomas Anderson’s hit movie Licorice Pizza, though you couldn’t really tell it was him, with all that green makeup. The Step Brothers actor graced the screen for a split second, though there was a lot of time and effort that went into his role of Herman Munster.
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Winning Time's Quincy Isaiah And DeVaughn Nixon On Their 'Tough' Basketball Scene, Which Included A Crucial Note From John C. Reilly

Spoilers for the first episode of Winning Time: Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty, “The Swan,” lie ahead. HBO’s new series, Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty, has finally arrived and, so far, both general viewers and critics mostly seem to be enjoying the sports dramedy. The series premiere had its fair share of memorable moments, with some being more sentimental and others just downright hilarious. Of course, the show isn’t without tension, and that was definitely on display when Quincy Isaiah’s Magic Johnson and DeVaughn Nixon’s Norm Nixon played a game of one on one. The two actors have some keen thoughts on the “tough” scene, which actually received a crucial note from co-star John C. Reilly.

John C. Reilly and Quincy Isaiah on 'Winning Time' and Becoming Magic Johnson

From co-creators Max Borenstein and Jim Hecht, and with a pilot directed by executive producer Adam McKay, the 10-episode HBO series Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty follows the intertwining professional and personal lives of the 1980s Los Angeles Lakers. What became one of sports’ most revered and dominant dynasties started with a vision set in motion when Dr. Jerry Buss (John C. Reilly) took over and reinvigorated the franchise, bringing together the flashy characters and the unsung heroes that forever changed the NBA and what the fans grew to expect from basketball.
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How Winning Time’s John C. Reilly Handled The ‘Pressure’ Of Playing Lakers Legend Jerry Buss For Adam McKay

The Los Angeles Lakers are without a doubt one of the most iconic sports teams in all of pop culture, so it’s no surprise that the organization is the subject of a new HBO series – Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty. The show viewers on a nostalgic trip to the late ‘70s and chronicles the start of the team’s “Showtime” era. The man at the center of the tale is late team owner Dr. Jerry Buss, who’s played by John C. Reilly on the show. Reilley definitely had big shoes to fill and also had to play the role for his longtime collaborator, Adam McKay. So the actor had to find a way to handle the “pressure” that came with the gig.

‘Winning Time’: Adam McKay’s Series With John C. Reilly Pops With “Showtime” Magic But Then Loses Its Edge [Review]

HBO’s “Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty” wants to be the “Boogie Nights” of basketball, and more often than not achieves the excitement of that pitch. It tells you the history you didn’t know you wanted to know about how the Los Angeles Lakers became such a dominant team, without demanding you know the sport. There are numerous intriguing pieces here in this ten-episode series from Max Borenstein and Jim Hecht, adapted from the book “Showtime” by Jeff Pearlman, including the rise of young rookie Earvin “Magic” Johnson, the million-dollar gambles of unlikely team owner Dr. Jerry Buss, and the recurring question about who should coach. When it’s at its best, “Winning Time” achieves a true groove, made possible by focusing on the most interesting drama this uniquely realized project could offer. But the way in which it handles some of these different elements, even with such a great ensemble, can also slow it down episode by episode.

John C. Reilly says his career was "dead in the water" when Adam McKay contacted him to star in Winning Time

Reilly was at a career crossroads when McKay texted him and asked him to replace Michael Shannon in the role of Jerry Buss, according to The Hollywood Reporter's cover story on Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty. “I’d been sitting at my kitchen table, thinking, ‘Man, I’m dead in the water, all this work, 80 movies, and I got nothing going on,’ when I got the text from Adam,” Reilly said. The role was a perfect fit since Reily was already a big fan of Buss. “For all of his reputation for being a hedonist, he really believed in women,” Reilly explained, “and he gave a lot of them in his organization big starts when no one else was doing that.”