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AIW Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It Results: Joey Janela In Main Event

Absolute Intense Wrestling held its event AIW Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It last night at the Odeon in Cleveland, Ohio. It aired on IWTV. Here are results, via Cagematch:. * Kaplan def. Big Twan Tucker and Jackson Stone and Tom Lawlor. * Casey Carrington def. Dominic Garrini. * Eric...
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Sonny Kiss Addresses Joey Janela And The Rhodes’ AEW Exits

Sonny Kiss recently appeared on the FaceTurn show on Pro-Wrestling Illustrated’s YouTube. In the interview the AEW talent discussed her feelings about the departure of some of her biggest supporters, namely Joey Janela and Cody & Brandi Rhodes. “Two of my very favorite people are no longer there,” Kiss...
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Brandi Rhodes, Renee Paquette, Joey Janela & More React to Cody Rhodes’ Hell in a Cell Match

Cody Rhodes somehow worked a full Hell in a Cell match at WWE’s PPV tonight with a torn pec and a host of wrestling personalities took to social media to react. As noted, Rhodes defeated Seth Rollins in the main event of Hell in a Cell despite his injury. The wrestling world took to Twitter to react and you can see posts by Brandi Rhodes, Renee Paquette, Joey Janela, Bryan Myers and more:

Joey Janela Responds To Criticisms Of Flaming Superkick Spot In GCW

Joey Janela chose to play with fire and it didn’t quite turn out how he hoped. Joey Janela has been known to compete in deathmatches in the past in Game Changer Wrestling. During Janela’s violent and brutal main event on GCW’s “Maniac” event at the Ukrainian Culture Center in Los Angeles, California, where he took on Drew Parker, Janela decided to try something different and light his boot on fire to hit Parker with a flaming superkick.

Update on Joey Janela Following Recent Fire Spot at GCW

During an interview on “Business of the Business” this week, GCW’s Brett Lauderdale was asked about Joey Janela’s foot, which was set on fire at a recent GCW concert. “His foot is totally fine. Not so much as the most minimal burn left over somehow,” Lauderdale said.

Joey Janela On Why He Tried To Hit A Flaming Superkick, Not Keeping A Fire Extinguisher At Ringside

As previously reported, Joey Janela attempted a flaming superkick at a GCW event and it went wrong, as the fire melted his boot to the ring. It was criticized by Booker T and even Janela seemed to admit it was a dumb thing to do. In an interview with Chris Van Vliet on Insight (via Fightful), Janela commented on the spot and explained why he did it and why there was no fire extinguisher at ringside. Here are highlights:

Joey Janela Wants AEW Star Pushed Beyond Just Pride Month

Joey Janela may not be in AEW anymore, but he still wants his former tag team partner to succeed. “Tony Khan, you better push Sonny f*cking Kiss,” Janela said on a recent episode of Insight with Chris Van Vliet. “Most improved wrestler right now in the world … Everything looks f*cking great now, and push Sonny Kiss, not in June because it’s pride month, push Sonny Kiss from June to f*cking June because that’s the bottom line, because the Bad Boy f*cking said so.”

Joey Janela Urges Tony Khan To Push Sonny Kiss Beyond Pride Month

Joey Janela has expressed his desire for Tony Khan to push Sonny Kiss during the most recent episode of Insight with Chris Van Vliet. Janela and Kiss were a tag team in AEW for almost a year from March 2020 up until April 2021. Janela is no longer with AEW. Check out what Janela had to say below (per Wrestling Inc.):

Joey Janela on His Current Relationship With AEW, His Thoughts on Tony Khan

– During a recent interview with Insight with Chris Van Vliet, former AEW talent Joey Janela discussed his exit from the company, his relationship with Tony Khan, and more. Below are some highlights (via Fightful):. Janela on his interview with Instinct Culture’s Denise Salcedo where he said he thought he...

GCW Downward Spiral Results: Johnny Game Changer vs. Joey Janela, More

GCW Downward Spiral took place on Saturday night featuring Johnny Game Changer taking on Joey Janela and more. You can see the full results from the show below, per Fightful:. * Early Morning Guy Steele def. Jimmy Lloyd, Marcus Mathers, Matt Vandagriff, The Rotation, and Titus Alexander. * Allie Katch,...

Joey Janela Responds To Booker T’s Criticism Of Fire Spot

Current GCW star and former AEW star Joey Janela made headlines this weekend after he lit his boot on fire to hit a flaming superkick in his match against Drew Parker at GCW Maniac. To Janela’s surprise, the flames didn’t go out, forcing several GCW crew members to enter the ring to put the fire out. Janela avoided injury and the match resumed, with Parker ultimately pulling out the win.

Video: Joey Janela Struggles To Put Out Fire After Spot At GCW Maniac

Joey Janela is likely keeping his foot on ice this morning. Last night’s GCW “Maniac” event from the Ukrainian Cultural Center in Los Angeles, California saw a brutal main event match between Joey Janela and Drew Parker. As impressive as the ending of the bout was when Parker swanton bombed off a giant ladder, it was an unplanned spot moments before that got the internet buzzing.