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Who is Joel Dommett?

Joel Dommett is the host of The Masked Dancer which premiered on the 29th May - where people have to dance with a costume and mask on and the judges guess who'es behind the mask!. You may already have known him from his stint as a contestant back in 2016...
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The Masked Dancer's Joel Dommett: I want to fit in with Jonathan Ross and text him slightly too much

It was a very isolated life that I led as a kid. Essentially I grew up on a farm. My grandparents had one in the village of Rockhampton in Gloucestershire and my dad built a little bungalow on it. It was done on the cheap. My uncle did the designs but I don’t think he was a very good architect because all the doors opened backwards and the rooms were so small. It was very isolating. The freedom I felt when I passed my driving test at 17 was huge.
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Joel Dommett reveals wife Hannah Cooper dropped her wedding ring down the loo BEFORE she flushed

Joel Dommett has revealed the awkward moment his wife Hannah Cooper accidentally dropped her wedding ring down the loo before she flushed. Speaking during an appearance on Friday's Loose Women, The Masked Singer host, 35, hilariously recalled how Hannah was forced fish out her ring from the toilet, adding she would 'hate' him for revealing the embarrassing story.

Joel Dommett hails 'wildly different' Masked Singer

Joel Dommett has heaped praise on 'The Masked Singer', saying it's "wildly different" to anything else on TV. Joel Dommett thinks 'The Masked Singer' is "wildly different" to anything else on TV. The 35-year-old comedian hosts the reality singing show on ITV and he thinks its success stems from its...
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Daisy May Cooper and Joel Dommett set for Dating No Filter

Joel Dommett, Daisy May Cooper and Tom Allen are set to star in new Sky comedy show 'Dating No Filter'. Joel Dommett and Daisy May Cooper will star in new series 'Dating No Filter'. The upcoming Sky show will feature pairs of some of the UK's best comedians - also...

Joel Dommett forgets about his Lorraine appearance

Comedy star Joel Dommett accidentally forgot about his scheduled appearance on 'Lorraine'. Joel Dommett accidentally forgot about his 'Lorraine' appearance and was still asleep when staff rang him. The 35-year-old comedian was phoned by Andi Peters after he failed to arrive for his scheduled appearance on the show. Andi joked:...