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celebrating Joe McPhee and more!

Happy belated to Joe McPhee who’s music has been a huge influence as a life and listening philosophy in this country!. we listen to Joe McPhee and Angela Davis in recordings, and in influence!. <3. also, go listen to this episode with Mike Banks (Underground Resistance) on Dreaming Live الحُب...

Joe McPhee Celebrates his 82nd Birthday at Quinn’s Beacon

Kicking everything off will be a celebration of the 82nd birthday of our dear friend, Hudson Valley legend and internationally recognized multi-instrumental titan, Joe McPhee, on his actual birthday: Wednesday, November 3 at 8:30 PM. Admission for this very special event will be $20 and initiates a new policy: where in the past Quinn’s has taken voluntary donations from patrons for concerts, going forward cover charges will be required for admission to evenings featuring live music.
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Flow Trio with Joe McPhee: Winter Garden

The thing about free jazz is that it is very much like abstract expressionist painting. Many an inexperienced museum goer will spot a Jackson Pollock and say to herself, "I coulda done that." Actually, you couldn't. Same thing with free jazz. From a distance, it's all hubbub and din, but try your hand at it, and you're just creating babel. In the hands of masters like the Flow Trio and their guest Joe McPhee, that cacophony becomes a beautiful thing, like that Pollock painting, discharging its energy.

Flow Trio with Joe McPhee - Winter Garden (ESP-Disk)

Free jazz ain’t for everybody. Pioneers like Ornette Coleman and Albert Ayler used motifs to get their musicians started, but for some musicians, even that’s too much structure. For those folks, entering in a playing situation with no plan is as exciting and soul-nourishing as an expert execution of charts, or the real life realization of written tunes.