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Joe Lovano & Dave Douglas Sound Prints - Other Worlds (Greenleaf)

Saxophonist Joe Lovano and trumpeter Dave Douglas are both two of modern jazz’ most acclaimed and creative bandleaders, throwing their long arms around a wide variety of stylistic permutations and bending them to their wills. Thus Other Worlds, the duo’s third record together with their Sound Prints project, finds them in typically eclectic form.
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Joe Lovano & Dave Douglas Soundprints: Other Worlds

Soundprints is a quintet that saxophonist Joe Lovano and trumpeter Dave Douglas assembled to carry on the spirit and philosophy of Wayne Shorter's music. Both of the band's previous albums featured compositions by Shorter himself but this is their first effort to contain only new material written by either Lovano or Douglas.

Joe Lovano & Dave Douglas Sound Prints – ‘Other Worlds’

Joe Lovano & Dave Douglas Sound Prints – Other Worlds. (Greenleaf GRE-CD-1084. Album Review by Alison Bentley) Not footprints, but Sound Prints: this US quintet led by Joe Lovano and Dave Douglas follows a tradition established by Wayne Shorter’s classic 60s albums. They celebrated Shorter’s 80th birthday with their first album in 2013. Shorter tunes (some written specially for them) are in the band’s repertoire, as well as originals, but this third album’s ten fine tracks are all by Lovano and Douglas. It’s no pastiche, but carries these musicians’ distinctive mark- what Douglas calls their “Sound Prints self…Wayne inspires us to think about our place in the universe.”

Joe Lovano: Finding New Adventures

The essence of jazz. That’s what it's all about. Not to repeat yourself. The loss of gig and the accompanying income stream, caused by the insidious and evil coronavirus, has hurt musicians across all genres. It has separated them from friends and band mates, from projects and from going to special places—physically and artistically. Coping with it is the order of the day. It has created some dark moments and also shed light on the characteristic of resiliency that dwells in the human spirit.

Joe Lovano & Dave Douglas Soundprints: ‘Other Worlds’ (Greenleaf)

The third album by this star-studded quintet, conceived in 2015 as a loose homage to Wayne Shorter, features 10 finely…. This content is available to subscribers only. To continue reading, please login or start a FREE 14-Day Digital Subscription. Bundle your subscription with our award-winning print magazine here.

Joe Lovano: Garden of Expression

Joe Lovano's entire recording career has been in the company of jazz greats since his debut with the Paul Motian Quintet in 1985. Lovano's hard bop days seem like a distant memory since his association with ECM began. Garden of Expression is the saxophonist's second project with his Trio Tapestry of pianist Marilyn Crispell, and drummer Carmen Castaldi. Lovano has two other co-leader outings on the label, collaborations with Marcin Wasilewski's trio on Arctic Riff (2020) and Enrico Rava on Roma (2019).

Dave Liebman, Joe Lovano, Marbin, Kari Ikonen & More New Releases

Two tenor titans are at the heart of this week's show, Dave Liebman and Joe Lovano involved in several projects as leaders or co-leaders. Two emerging pianists, Kari Ikonen and Francesco Orio share interesting perspectives on the use of their instrument. For the rest, we'll go from the shreddin' energy of Marbin to the jazz take on a classical Franz Schubert song-cycle by Madre Vaca.

Joe Lovano, Marilyn Crispell, Carmen Castaldi: Garden of Expression

Joe Lovano has long been hailed as a standard bearer of mainstream tenor saxophone—a natural heir to Sonny Rollins. Always open to exploring new fields, be it from small to large ensembles, or from a Charlie Parker homage to honoring opera legend Enrico Caruso, Lovano's robust sound has been his signature. Trio Tapestry (ECM, 2019), however, represented nothing less than a reinvention for the Cleveland-born saxophonist, then making his ECM debut as leader. Lovano, in the company of Marilyn Crispell and Carmen Castaldi, embraced a minimalism which championed the unfolding of subtly improvised melodic dialogues over virtuosity. Garden of Expression sees the trio further deepen its bare essentials aesthetic, with space once more a key element in shaping the music.

Joe Lovano / Marilyn Crispell / Carmen Casaldi: Garden of Expression

Artists inspire art. Provide a contented place. So let your mind (sans the hoopla it entertains itself with) go where it may (lest it lean towards insurrection) and take Trio Tapestry—Joe Lovano, Marilyn Crispell, and Carmen Castaldi—in the with you. And don't forget to bring their second gorgeous, justly titled Garden of Expression along for the ride.

Jazz at 100 Today! 27 Tenor Titans - More Fabulous Playing From Joe Lovano

Click the play button to listen to this episode of Jazz at 100 Today!. For almost forty years, as Joe Lovano has been growing as an artist, he has produced a discography as a leader in a wide range of formats from duos and trios to nonets, dectets and large ensembles. Always in demand, his guest appearances on other leaders' dates have produced some of his best work. This is the third of four programs featuring today's Tenor Titans—highlights of Joe Lovano's diverse work in the past decade in this hour of Jazz at 100 Today!
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Joe Lovano Trio Tapestry: Garden of Expression review – a jazz unit with total empathy

The Cleveland-raised saxophonist Joe Lovano comes from a jazz tradition that extols blowing a lot of notes, fast and loud. He grew up on his saxophonist father’s stories of what it felt like to jam with John Coltrane, but also in a Sicilian-American household that revered the operatic tenor legend Enrico Caruso – experiences that nurtured an appreciation of virtuosity and the subtleties of nuance and timbre. Now, after more than four jazz-star decades that have seen him considered one of Sonny Rollins’ heirs (and a collaborator with originals from Bill Frisell and Elvin Jones to Esperanza Spalding), Lovano’s Trio Tapestry explore delicate distillations of the musical resources that all three members have often individually set loose with warp-speed intensity.

Joe Lovano, Kristiana Roemer, Steven Feifke and More: New Release Cheat Sheet

Discover great new music this weekend with our weekly roundup of new songs and albums! This week’s New Release Cheat Sheet features new music by Joe Lovano, Kristiana Roemer, William Parker and more. New Songs and Videos. Kristiana Roemer, “House of Mirrors” [Video Premiere]. Vocalist Kristiana Roemer has shared with...
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Joe Lovano and Trio Tapestry – ‘Garden of Expression’

Joe Lovano and Trio Tapestry – Garden of Expression. (ECM 7736190. CD review by John Bungey) If you’re a fan of the vinyl revival then don’t buy this album. Well do, just not on vinyl. With its pianissimos and pauses, this delicate trio music requires the silent backdrop that digital provides. So, yes, let’s hear it for the uncool compact disc. The “atmospheric” pops, clicks and surface noise of a well-loved long-player will only distract from the ethereal tales being told on Garden of Expression. And don’t worry about the bass not having “the warmness of vinyl”, there is no bassist here.