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‘Blue Bloods’ Season 12 Finale: Here’s How Will Hochman’s Joe Hill Will Return

It’s hard to believe, but May 6th airs the 20th and final episode of “Blue Bloods” season 12. Interestingly though, before the series goes on its annual summer hiatus, writers plan to bring back one missing character. Last seen during the season 11 finale, “Blue Bloods” fans can expect a return from Joe Hill. Hill, played by actor Will Hochman, appears to have a pretty crucial role in the upcoming finale.
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The Songs and Stories of Working-Class Hero Joe Hill

Today’s show is a blend of history, storytelling, singing, and solidarity previewing the special performance “Joe Hill: Alive as You and Me,” taking place this evening (Thursday, April 7) at 7:30 PM at the Dark Horse ArtBar, 756 E. Washington in Madison. Free admission. Full details can be found at the Facebook event.
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'Blue Bloods' Showrunner Spills Beans on Creation of 'Secret' Regan, Joe Hill (Exclusive)

The most significant change in recent Blue Bloods history is the introduction of Joe Hill, a new character played by Will Hochman. Joe arrived in Season 10 and was revealed to be a long-lost member of the Reagan family no one, not even Frank, knew existed before. A real-life incident for a member of the Blue Bloods family inspired Joe's creation, showrunner Kevin Wade revealed in a recent interview.

Blue Bloods season 12 episode 14 spoilers: How Joe Hill returns, again!

Moving into Blue Bloods season 12, our hope was mostly that we’d see Will Hochman back for a couple of episodes as Joe Hill. Luckily, we’re getting that and then some!. According to a new report now from TVLine, you are going to have a chance to see Hochman return for the show’s upcoming February 25 titled “Allegiance.” This marks his third appearance this season, and it’s going to be a chance to see a very different side of him. To be specific, we’re going to explore more of his romantic life.

Blue Bloods season 12 episode 12 spoilers: Jamie vs. Joe Hill?

Season 12 episode 12 is currently set to grace CBS in one week’s time, and to the surprise of no one, there will be conflict. Where things get a little more surprising is seeing Jamie and Joe Hill at the center of it. In some ways, you’d probably want...

Blue Bloods season 12 spoilers: Will Hochman returning as Joe Hill, again!

If you were wondering if we’d be seeing more of Will Hochman as Joe Hill on Blue Bloods season 12, beyond his earlier appearance, we come bearing good news!. In the comments on a recent Instagram post, executive producer Siobhan Byrne O’Connor noted that Joe will be back for season 12 episode 12, which is currently set to air on January 21. This also gives us a good sense of the upcoming schedule — there are at least three episodes airing on CBS in the month of January, which episode 10 set for the 7th and, presumably, episode 11 poised for the following week. (For those wondering, O’Connor also noted that Archbishop Kearns will also be appearing in this episode.)

Blue Bloods season 12 spoilers: Should Joe Hill return again?

On this past episode of Blue Bloods season 12, we had a chance to see the first appearance this fall from Joe Hill. It proved once again to be dynamic, mostly because we were reminded of the devotion he has for his family, but then also his tendency to color outside the lines here and there. Ultimately, he had a few tense conversations with Frank and moving forward, we imagine that there will still continue to be a push and pull. He is a part of this family, but he’s still very much his own guy.

‘Blue Bloods’ Shares Photo of Will Hochman Returning To the Show As Frank’s Grandson Joe Hill

Did you miss him? Will Hochman is returning to Blue Bloods as Joe Hill, but from the looks of the photos the show dropped, it seems the star got himself into a bit of trouble. Previously, Hochman appeared as Frank Reagan’s grandson (son of the late Joe Reagan). The estranged grandson has battled with his identity in the past, but since then has seemed to warm up to the idea of being a part of the family. The question is, will he still have the same sentiment in the upcoming episode?

Blue Bloods season 12 spoilers: Will Hochman returning as Joe Hill

Just in case you were hoping to see Will Hochman as Joe Hill on Blue Bloods season 12, you’re in luck!. In a new report today from TVLine, it has been officially confirmed that Hochman will be back for at least one episode as the son of the late Joe Reagan — who has been highlighted as both an NYPD officer and undercover operative since his debut. He had a huge role to play at the end of season 11, when the Reagans all teamed up in order to ensure that he got out of a precarious and near-fatal situation.

The Black Phone Trailer Breakdown: Scott Derrickson Talks Ethan Hawke, Iconic Masks, And Adapting Joe Hill

Strap in, everyone: Scott Derrickson is back in horror mode. After playing in the MCU with Doctor Strange, the director of Sinister, The Exorcism Of Emily Rose and Deliver Us From Evil has reunited with Ethan Hawke for a serious scare-fest in The Black Phone. Adapted from the short story by Joe Hill (son of Stephen King), it stars Hawke as a terrifying kidnapper colloquially known as ‘The Grabber’, who abducts youngster Finney (Mason Thames) and locks him in a basement with a disconnected black phone on the wall. When the phone suddenly rings, Finney discovers the voices on the other end are The Grabber’s other young victims, who plot to help him escape a similarly bleak fate.