Joe Henderson

Joe Henderson: Lightning and Panthers ready to show what Florida hockey is about

The teams square off in the Eastern Conference semifinals starting Tuesday. Initially, I was among the skeptics when Phil Esposito announced he wanted to bring a hockey team to Tampa Bay. Hockey?. In Florida?. At the time, I would have much preferred an NBA team because, well, hockey? In Florida?...
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Joe Henderson: Lawmakers need a moment of pause on constitutional carry

Guns don't make us safer because guns are the problem. We don’t yet know if the upcoming Special Legislative Session on property insurance rates will expand to include the gun lobby’s beloved constitutional carry. Many people believe that’s what will happen. However, whether it happens quickly or...

Joe Henderson: Ron DeSantis plays the long game in congressional map battle

Gov. Ron DeSantis probably thought several moves ahead when he dismantled Florida’s 5th Congressional District. Lawmakers created the district, which stretched from Jacksonville to Tallahassee, to give Black voters a better chance of having a winning candidate. DeSantis called it an illegal gerrymander, ignoring that it was in line with the Fair Districts Amendment voters approved in 2010.

Joe Henderson: Abortion leak means party of freedom wins another restriction

Soon, women may have no control over their bodies. Conservative judges will have made that decision for them. I suppose we knew what would happen to Roe v. Wade after Republicans stacked the U.S. Supreme Court with justices like Brett Kavanaugh, Neil Gorsuch, and Amy Coney Barrett. It was just a matter of when.

Joe Henderson: Dennis Ross and Jackie Toledo CD 15 race will be closely watched

Toledo represents the new face of GOP lawmakers but Ross was a Republican leader until he retired four years ago. Now that the new Florida congressional maps are official — pending court challenges, of course — Florida’s 15th Congressional District could be one of the most watched and least predictable of the Republican Primary races.

Jazz Musician of the Day: Joe Henderson

All About Jazz is celebrating Joe Henderson's birthday today!. The tenor saxophonist Joe Henderson was born on April 24, 1937 in a small city called Lima Ohio midway between Dayton and Toledo. He spent his childhood and adolescence in Lima in a family of 15 children where he was exposed to a variety of musical styles. By the time he was a high school student he was already arranging and writing music for the school band and other local outfits. It was in high school that a music teacher introduced him to the tenor saxophone. After graduation he enrolled first at the Kentucky State College to study music and then moved on to Wayne State University in Detroit.... Read more.

Joe Henderson: The maps are done, let the lawsuits begin

Now that the congressional maps were approved, the battle will continue in court. We should have known better than to think harmony could last after the Legislature’s initial congressional maps drew rare praise from both sides of the aisle. Even Democrats agreed they were fair and stuck to the...

Joe Henderson: Gov. DeSantis turns up the heat in battle with ‘woke’ Disney

He might want to be careful though, because the Mouse has fangs, too. Supporters like to say Gov. Ron DeSantis is “America’s Governor” because his popularity spreads far beyond Florida’s borders. They see him as smart, decisive and the one they want on that wall in the battle against wokeness.

Joe Henderson: Florida says math books teach CRT? Something doesn’t add up

Plato "maker of mathematicians" Plato said, math is a way to understand reality, but reality today is whatever the GOP says. Fun fact for today: The philosopher Plato is considered the “maker of mathematicians.”. I learned that on the website Plato opened an academy in 387 BCE, where...

Joe Henderson: Tony Dungy’s critics are way, way off base

Tony Dungy's critics value retweets and likes more than facts. In covering politics, one learns never to be surprised — except, well, I’m surprised, and it’s quite possible I have a headache. Let me explain. On Monday, Tony Dungy appeared at an event in Tampa to support...

Joe Henderson: There’s a method to Charlie Crist’s visit to The Villages

Charlie Crist promised to campaign in Republican areas, and he's doing it. Over the weekend, Democrat Charlie Crist ventured into The Villages. That’s the crimson red Republican retiree stronghold sprawling over five counties in North Central Florida. He joined members of The Villages Democratic Club — yeah, there is one there — on a golf cart tour.

Joe Henderson: Baseball’s Opening Day vibe remains the gold standard in sports

It's a mix of pomp, circumstance, tradition and hope. Technically, every pro sports season has an opening day. After all, their seasons have to start sometime, right?. However, the vibe for Major League Baseball’s Opening Day is different. It mixes pomp, circumstance, tradition and hope better than the other sports. It remains the gold standard for these things.

Joe Henderson: Hey lawmakers — stop slaying boogeymen and start solving problems

Maybe lawmakers should have focused more on property insurance mess instead of strawmen. Florida Republican lawmakers kept busy during the recently completed Legislative Session, slaying boogeymen here, there and everywhere. Sure, thousands of Floridians were slack-jawed about rapidly escalating property insurance rates. Aw, but that’s so complicated. Keep things simple,...

Joe Henderson: No matter what, Nikolas Cruz will never leave prison alive

In the penalty phase for the Parkland murderer, jurors have only two choices: life in prison with no parole, or death. In the punishment phase of Parkland murderer Nikolas Cruz, jury selection began Monday in a Fort Lauderdale courtroom and thus returns the horror of Valentine’s Day in 2018 — as if it ever really went away for the victims’ families.

Joe Henderson: No doubt about it, Tampa City Council Chairman must go

Calls for Orlando Gudes' resignation increased after a scathing report detailed sexual harassment and a hostile work environment. The Tampa City Council generally is a place where members discuss and vote on stuff that affects the lives of local citizens. It’s serious work, or that’s what we thought, anyway.